Slowly drifting far away
within the wood of bonded clay
breaking bands with public light
which skews amongst the cabin’s fright


“take me on (I want to stay?)
it won’t be long before I say
that moving forward, back to sea
was simply where I had to be.”


But gales of wind keep me back,
those gusts of mourning, breezes black.
which is right, the sea or shore?
taking less or giving more?


it does not speak, the matter’s done
the boat has launched, the deed is sung


within the moaning sound of pain
a whisper shouts it’s last refrain
reminds me how the tethered land
stole myself, abhorred my stand.


turn about, forget the past
hoist the sail upon the mast
fight the wind of black delight
forward, forward, canvas white


the crumbling earth left far behind
was not foundation, how did it bind
my heart to man, to mocking scorn
blowing forth the tempter’s horn?


storms or calm within the sea
each will give my heart to Thee
those who thrust my boat from shore
only made my heart give more.


thirsty raindrops wash my face;
tears announce His sweet embrace.


~ Cheryl S. Savage

January 2012






And there I went.
Over rays and Under waves
Crashing, coursing, chafing, cursing,
Marking time with leaf patterns; searching
Veins of plant-life
Wondering, Wandering
Chasing distorted light.


Unsure-hesitant I stood
Naked before myself.
Exposed the soul-spirit, I
Drank, Gulped, Devoured the Truth above me.
“I am light and before me is
I am worth and behind me is
I am strength and beside me are
Lifted wings.”


Warrior on!
Keep in stance and
Stay in currents fresh from
Wildflowers, pure with snow,
Smelling of morning and oak.
In them I let go,

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Escape from shackled exhaustion,
Tethered standards, faceless tradition
and find Joy;
unfettered, unresolved, pointless.
Happiness freckled with turbulence, yet
Resounded in liberty!


Priceless freedom to feel.

~by Cheryl S. Savage

September 2009


About Cheryl S. Savage
Cheryl S. Savage has one incredible husband and seven sensational kids. Since earning her bachelor's degree in marriage and family studies at BYU many years ago, she spends her time raising the kids, teaching piano lessons, voraciously reading, traveling, romanticizing, writing, and learning. She and her husband have moved their family from coast to coast, but currently reside in Kansas.

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