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LDS Blogs is written by volunteers who are willing to write a weekly or monthly column without pay. Bloggers must be active, faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are willing and eager to follow the guidance of our leaders to share the gospel online.


Many of our topics are aimed at people who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We write about topics of interest to Christians in general and then often add in Church-specific information and mentions. We like to show we have a lot in common, but also make them aware that the gospel is unique.


We also have many topics specifically aimed toward Latter-day Saints. However, writers should be aware they may be read by people who are not members of the Church, so they will likely want to include some explanations. We don’t use our blogs to criticize the Church or to debate doctrinal issues. It’s not that some of us don’t ever do it—we just don’t do it here. When people who aren’t members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints read your work, they are learning how Latter-day Saints talk to other members and getting a sense of what it might be like if they became a member.


A few of our topics are not specifically religious. For instance, we have a blog about parenting children with autism, and we would love to have a food blogger. These should always uphold gospel standards and should not include items (including recipe items) that don’t fit into a faithful Latter-day Saint lifestyle. It’s a chance to show that everyday life as members of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can be (and is!) satisfying.


What is Required?


We prefer weekly blogs, but accept monthly blogs as well. Writers are asked to work ahead of schedule, at least a few days ahead. Although all articles are edited, we need writers to have reasonably good writing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills.


Articles are submitted in a document readable by Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or in the text of the email, although Word is preferred. Articles should be 500 words or longer most of the time and never less than 400. In general, writers should stay on the topic of his or her blog, but we do allow occasional distractions when your heart just has to get something out.


We use a simple template, so articles will be posted in a fairly simple way.  Writers may submit their own images as long as they have the legal right to use them. (Many photos online are not available for general use or have special rules.) When possible, we use pictures from the image gallery at LDS.org. If you use personal photos, be certain the people in the photos have given permission to you to appear.


We ask our bloggers to share their own posts on social media and to periodically share posts by other bloggers they like. This way we help each other promote the site.


What We’re Looking For


We maintain a small list of topics we especially want, but are open to suggestions. Currently, a top priority is to find writers for a new category on worldwide membership. We would like to find non-United States bloggers to write about their country. Bloggers must be permanent and current residents in the country.


These articles will be aimed at people who do not live in your country but who are interested. Articles will discuss what it is like to be a Latter-day Saint in your country along with the history of the Church where you live, and will also mingle cultural information with gospel principles.


To learn more, read this article, which includes our current wishlist, application steps, and contact information. Be sure to look at recent articles to see what sort of things we do here.


Become an LDS Blogs volunteer.

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