This isn’t really the type of news I like to blog about. I mean, we’re usually e Osmond passing out on live television doesn’t quite fit. But it’s so prominent in the media right now, I’m choosing to take the leap.

jesus christ mormonSo here it goes.

During a live broadcast of Dancing With The Stars on Monday, October 22, Marie Osmond danced a lively samba, and then fainted afterwards as she and her partner professional dancer Jonathan Roberts were listening to comments from the judges.

It’s now an event that has played repeatedly around the world, thanks to such inventions as TiVo, news videos and YouTube. Watching someone pass out is strangely fascinating, although I’m sure many viewers still feel embarrassed for Marie (and then watch the video again).

But Marie, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has handled it very well. Personally, I’m pretty impressed with the way she’s taking it. She’s known for her positive attitude and cheerful personality, and that’s certainly coming through now. A sense of humor can go a long way towards fixing things that can’t otherwise be undone.

The 48-year-old singer and entertainer laughed as she talked to Entertainment Weekly about the incident. “I’m sure I’ll be a punchline on late night [talk shows],” she said. “I’m fine, so you have to have fun with it. I threw a couple of punchlines backstage myself.”

Shirley Halperin from Entertainment Weekly further commented that “apparently those eight kids (that Marie has) keep things in perspective.”

Marie herself believes it was probably due to something in the air, perhaps the fires raging in southern California. “Right at the beginning … I started getting lightheaded. The only thing I can think of, I have allergies,” she told Entertainment Tonight. … “The air quality (in Los Angeles) is terrible. And I think I just couldn’t get my breath.”

Marie has also indicated that she sometimes forgets to breathe when she gets winded. Reader comments indicate that this can be a problem among dancers; they are taught early on to remember to breathe regularly and to not get so caught up in the difficulty of their routines that they forget to inhale and exhale.

Other reader comments show lots of support for Marie, and applaud the way she’s handled the situation – with humor and class. Despite the shaky aftermath of her performance on Monday, Marie was not voted off the show and will be around to perform at least another week. When asked if she was well enough to perform again, Marie responded, “Oh yeah. Bring it on.”

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