Most of you have probably heard of the Daffodil Principle. Originally written by Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards, it’s been around for more than ten years as a source of inspiration for those who want to make something beautiful of their lives. If you know anything about it, you probably know that the message is based around the principles of one day, one step at a time. Aside from this obvious message, what would the Lord have His disciples learn from such a story?

The actual daffodil garden is located in the San Bernardino mountain range. Tucked back in this humble spot are five acres of daffodils in many colors. This entire area was planted by just one woman, Gene Bauer, but think of the many thousands of people her field has blessed.

That’s the first principle this field offers. We have to stop and look. Sometimes the most beautiful things in the world, the best blessings from the Savior are tucked away in every day things we don’t notice. Sometimes they’re out of the way in places that seem difficult to reach. No matter where we find them, when we look the goodness and mercy of the Savior will overwhelm our spiritual eyes with peace, beauty and goodness.

The daffodil story goes on with more to the message than just the flowers themselves. This one woman left an important statement outside of her nearby home to give the curious passer-by answers they may not have known they even wanted when stopping to admire her field.

Answers to the Questions I Know You Are Asking

50,000 bulbs
One at a time
By one woman
2 hands, 2 feet
And very little brain
Began in 1958

Now, let’s think about those statements for a minute. I talked recently about the principle of feeding 5,000 people. Did it seem overwhelming to think about your self providing 5,000 acts of service during your life time? Yet, here is a woman who knew how anything is done. One thing at a time. She may have started with a vision of unending fields of flowers, but she also gave herself permission. For what?
To dream of that field.
To have faith that she could make it happen.
To allow herself the time that would be needed to see it through.

Many of us hold righteous desires within our hearts that we have not given ourselves permission to explore. They seem to big, to different, to much outside of our comfort zone, so we keep them firmly tucked away instead of realizing that those desires come from the spirit of Christ and His love that we carry inside of ourselves. It is our desire to become like Him that plants those seeds within our minds and hearts. But to many of us, we feel the field is just too big and our time and efforts are just too inadequate. The Savior would have us know that this is not so!

All He asks of us is exactly what Gene Bauer gave: 50,000 gifts of love given one at a time, by one woman with her own hands and feet, with more heart than the world’s logic, and time to let her efforts grow. She began and saw it through. So can we.

Now, this field of flowers is not all the same. Not only was it planted over the course of many years, but it was planted with many different colors and varieties. One disciple’s efforts will not be in the same year, or color as another’s, but it is our bulb and our season to plant it. With the Lord’s help and love, every bulb will be beautiful.

There is one more thing to note on the subject of the Daffodil Principle. In 1999 fire destroyed Ms. Bauer’s home, the surrounding lawns, flowers and trees. It did not, however, destroy her field of daffodils. Have there been wildfires sweeping through your own life lately? What have you done with your bulbs of service as you waited out the storm? Don’t draw them back into yourself. Even when your own life seems overwhelming, as a disciple of Christ your hands are still His. He needs them to help and bless others so that the way will be opened for Him to help you as well.

Don’t stop planting. You still have work to do. Then, know that even as everything else around you seems to be destroyed, your life and the fruits of your righteous labors are still under His protection. Even when your life is over, the flowers and seeds of the gospel that you plant everywhere you go will continue to bloom and inspire more of God’s children.

50,000 seeds of goodness.
One disciple.
Offering two hands and two feet to the service of God.
With as much faith as I can muster.
Starting today.

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