Have you ever considered where your personal inspiration comes from? What source provides you with the most consistent and uplifting feelings of divine love and guidance? What experiences reaffirm your devotion to Jesus Christ and desire to serve as His disciple?

Mormon PrayerOften, people think about the Bible stories they know, perhaps sensationalized or perhaps downplayed. These stories, while true often provide an inaccurate picture of how God communicates with His children. Think of your own spiritual experiences. Where do you turn when your spirit needs to commune with heaven? Have you ever felt that there was a direct link between you and your God or is there a distant respect and loyalty?

There is a well-known song I often think of entitled “All Things Bright and Beautiful”

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

I believe that is true. His goodness permeates this world. When His followers seek Him, He can be found in whatever way He can reach them best.

•A friend
•A spiritual leader
•A teacher
•A wise and innocent child
•A worship service
•An act of charity
•Another person
•Invention and innovations
•Our own thoughts
•Theater and movies

The possibilities are endless but they all share one common factor: their ability to inspire. The fingerprint of God and His Son are imprinted in these types of elements that can speak directly to our soul. They whisper, “This is good. This is love. This is right. This is peace. This is truth.”

There is an opposite side of the coin as well. In direct competition for our time and attention are those things with the soul purpose of leading those who would follow Christ as far away from Him as possible. That’s an important concept for each of us to understand. Take heed. Watch for and seek out those things that most easily nurture your spiritual side. Watch for and remove those things that you find in your environment that eat away at that goodness and peace.

In all things bright and beautiful God is there. Where will you find Him?

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