Relief Society Class on Sunday is a favorite time for me. It is in Relief Society that we study the gospel as sisters and discuss how it applies to our life. Right now we are in the process of learning from The Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith. However, on the first Sunday of every month the lesson is on whatever the Relief Society Presidency feels the sisters in our ward need to be taught, and discuss.

Mormon Relief SocietyThis last Fast Sunday, the lesson was given by the 1st councilor in our Relief Society Presidency. She said that all month she had been pondering what she needed to teach. Her answer came during one of her morning Scripture studies. As she was reading, she came across one of the many scriptures in which the Lord called his people to remembrance.

She knew as she read those words that this was what her lesson needed to be about.

How often in our busy lives as single adults (and I am sure it will only get worse once we get married and begin families) do we get so caught up in all we are doing that we forget to take time to remember the most important things? What are these most important things? The Lord tells us in the scriptures what the most important things are.

During the lesson, we were directed to look up a whole bunch of scriptures, each scripture telling us something we are suppose to remember. I will only write a few to give you an example:

1 Nephi 14:8 – Remember your covenants

1 Nephi 15:25 – Remember to keep the Commandments

Mosiah 1:6-7 – Remember the Scriptures are true/ Remember to search them

Mosiah 1:17 – Remember your Duty (where much is given much is required)

Mosiah 27:16 – Remember the captivity of your fathers, and the great things God has done for them, such as, making their burdens light, and also delivering them.

Helaman 5:12 – Remember to build your foundation upon the Rock which is Christ

As we remember these most important things in the midst of our busy lives, we are indeed blessed. We gain strength, purpose, direction, humility, and so much more. All of which is vital in helping us make it through this earthly life. Our Heavenly Father knows this. He also knows that is it natural for us to forget. This is why He is constantly endeavoring to do all within His power to help us not to forget, and when do to help us remember.

As my good friend and teacher gave this lesson in Relief Society, I knew that I needed this reminder in my busy life. It is so easy for me to get caught up in the day to day of my busy life that I lose track of why I am here, and where it is that I desire to go.

I decided then and there that I would set a part time each day to remember. This doesn’t have to be a big time-consuming thing, but it does have to be heartfelt and sincere. I can do this:

-During my Scripture Study

-During my Prayers

-As I write in my Journal

-During my Quiet Times

-During my weekly Personal Inventory Times

Since that lesson I have sought to do this, and have seen/felt a change in my days. I have already begun to see/feel the blessings as they have come into my life. I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven who has helped me to remember.

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