Yesterday I received an email from a old high school buddy. Hmmm…maybe I should rethink that word “old.” She was organizing an elementary school reunion and trying to track down friends she had lost contact with over the years. She was looking for a particular person who she remembers was Mormon and since she knows I’m Mormon she was hoping I’d know her. Kind of like asking someone from the gigantic state of Texas “Oh, if you’re from Texas then you must know so and so.” Well, I thought it was cute, but I was sorry to tell her I didn’t know her former gal pal.

Mormon Church MeetingI DID know how to help find her and I thought I’d pass this information along should you ever be in a similar situation. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as the Mormons, has a resource for locating members all over the world. It’s a process that allows for privacy and security. You can simply call the Member and Statistical Records Division at the church office building at 801-240-3500. Request a copy of the “Membership Contact Form” and you will receive it by mail. Remember snail mail? Currently there is no electronic version of this form.

Fill out two forms, which ask for information about the person’s name, age, birthplace, and other facts that might be helpful in locating the one you are trying to reach. You also have to write a brief statement about why you want to contact the person. Return both forms to the address provided at the top of the forms. One of those copies will be sent to the person you are trying to locate, who then can decide whether or not to contact you. If the Church can’t find the person you will be notified.

This service is especially helpful if you’re trying to find a woman who may have married and changed names. You can also write to this department, rather than call, at this address:

Member and Statistical Records Division
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
84109 USA

It’s always fun to reconnect with old friends and I suspect that we’ll be spending a good amount of time in eternity just hugging and catching up with dear ones. At least I hope so!

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