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Actually Valerie my wife used to be a mormon, she is now studying in RCIA  to become a Catholic. Also my brother -in-law has been a mormon for over 25 years so I know about your faith. I know about your belief in eternal progression and your belief in the various stages of heaven. Also you believe that you can be like God and have your own world to have dominion over.

Harmony Mormon

Harmony Mormon

There is no distinction between wanting to be like God (there is only one God not a plurality of Gods) and being a God. Eve didn’t have to be like God to understand that it was forbidden to eat of the fruit. GOD instructed her not to eat it. Faith in God is trusting Him and being obedient to His commandments.  If we are living in God’s grace we surely don’t have to elevate ourselves to Godhood, and we shouldn’t, in order to comprehend His commandments. Rather we should live in true humility as Christ instructed us to do and as he humbled Himself in countless ways. –Alan


Alan, That is good that you already know so much about our Faith.  If you don’t mind me asking, what is RCIA?  I grew up with my cousins who were all Catholic.  We went to Mass with them each Christmas.  I loved my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  I still keep in touch with them.

Yes, you are right…Adam and Eve knew they were not supposed to take the fruit because God told them. They knowingly disobeyed.  But it wasn’t until after they took the fruit that they became ashamed of their nakedness…hence, they were now able to tell right from wrong without being told.  They became as God in knowing Right from Wrong.  So again, they were not able to discern for themselves from right and wrong until after they disobeyed and took the fruit. You stated the following…”Faith in God is trusting Him and being obedient to His commandments.  If we are living in God’s grace we surely don’t have to elevate ourselves to Godhood, and we shouldn’t, in order to comprehend His commandments rather we should live in true humility as Christ instructed us to do and as he humbled Himself in countless ways.” I agree with what you said!!!!  We definitely need to be humble.  Pride is one of the worst sins in the world.  So I agree!  None of us are elevated to Godhood here on earth.  We aren’t even close to it!!  But I can understand how non-members (or former members) would think that seeking the CelestialKingdom (and someday way in the future achieving godhood) can appear the opposite of humility!  Seeking Eternal Exaltation (Godhood) certainly looks to be the most prideful goal there is. But in our hearts and minds this is a righteous goal, and we believe some ways to be worthy of this goal is to be humble, teachable, and Christ-like here on earth.  If we were seeking power the way some CEO’s and/or politicians seek power, then we would certainly be a prideful people.  But again, we believe it to be a righteous goal…and one that Heavenly Father wants to bestow on ALL OF HIS CHILDREN.  He wants all of His sons and daughters to have what He has….to have glory added upon our heads.  And we, as mormons, want all of our brothers and sisters in Christ to have all that God can bless us with.  We want everyone to be happy, in this life AND in the next.  This is not pride, this is Christlike Love and Sincerity. If we were prideful we would not want to share what we know with others.  If we were prideful we wouldn’t care about other people’s lives.  When you find something that changes your life for the better, in miraculous ways, you want to share it with the whole world.  Out of LOVE, not out of pride.

Can you see where I’m coming from? I enjoy hearing from you and getting a better perspective of what some people think of Mormons.  Hope to hear from you soon.   Take Care! Sincerely, Valerie


Hi Valerie,

RCIA is the Right of Catholic Initiation for Adults. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs with me. It is good that we do have some common ground in both our religious beliefs. I became close to one of the mormon missionaries when my wife was studying your faith.

Glad you keep in touch with your relatives. Thank you for the red roses. May God continue to guide, bless and protect you always.

Talk to you soon -Alan  


To Valerie, From Alan  / You have received a YouTube Video

Fr. Corapi’s Conversion Story – Condensed Version


Hello Alan,

Thank you for your last email and for sending that wonderful YouTube Video.  It was very touching and inspiring.  I feel so blessed because I get to hear stories just like that from mormons, and from people of other faiths.  The Lord, indeed, loves all of His children.  I have seen the miracle of Faith in Jesus Christ in the lives of others and in my own life.

It is Satan that stirs the hearts of the people to contend with one another over doctrines of faith.  I believe many of these people are just trying to sincerely help others to see their view of the correct religion, their view of the correct way to worship.  And in their genuine interest and love for others, Satan likes to add fire and turn that love into arguing, and bad feelings.

I will always strive to not allow Satan to do such things to me.  I love all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of their choice of religion.  I love them even if they choose not to believe in God.  Although my heart breaks for them, for they are denying so many blessings of life.  But only the Lord God can judge them.

Thank you again for your kindness in sharing that beautiful video.  Have a great day!       Sincerely, Valerie


Dear Alan, After you watch this short video, you may still disagree with the words that are spoken.  But it is my hope you will see that mormons, like those of other faiths, genuinely believe what our religion teaches.  We believe in our hearts and in our minds of the teachings of the church.  But again, we also believe every person should have the right to choose what to believe and what not to believe.

Sincerely, Valerie


To Valerie, From Alan;

I agree  with Mr Holland God continues to speak to all those who humbly ask for His guidance and in the Person of the Holy Spirit He comes to our aid whether we be Catholic, Protestant or mormon. Salvation is not just restricted to the Catholic or mormon faith but to all those who humbly seek and live in imitation of the words and deeds of Jesus. You are truly living your faith and you celebrate the dignity and sanctity of all life. I mean that sincerely Valerie. How much safer our world would be if it was filled with more people who share your religious traditions.

Shortly after my re-conversion to the Catholic church, after being brought back to my faith by the recitation of the Rosary by my Protestant wife, I went to confession. When I exited from the confessional I saw the most beautiful woman looking up to the crucifix above the Altar. I went to kneel down and say my prayers and when I looked back she was gone. I know in my heart she was the Virgin Mary directing me back to her Son.

Oh God come and send your Holy Spirit unto us all. Including those who doubt and those who do not believe. Open up the gates of your unending ocean of mercy to each one of us and speak within our hearts.

God Bless you, Alan


End of Part 2.  Part 3 (and the final one) coming soon!

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