bowl of oatmealWhy do people eat oatmeal? I have simplified the possible answers into what I believe are the three fundamental reasons, though they may not be what you were expecting:

1) It’s delicious –

Granted, some may reject this claim. I like oatmeal as much as the next guy. My father was an advocate of good health, and we regularly consumed oatmeal for breakfast. Gratefully, my mother provided cream, brown sugar, strawberries, and other condiments to make the morning meal much more than palatable, and she did a super job. But let’s be honest, nobody sits down in front of the TV and asks for a bowl of oatmeal to snack on during the Super Bowl. Concessions stands at athletic events or movie theaters do not list Oatmeal on their bill-of-fare, and even if you know one that does, it’s likely not one of the top sellers. Let’s face it; a bowl of oatmeal is not listed in the delicacy section of the menu.

Challenges and hardships increase our perspective.2) It’s inexpensive –

This is a legitimate claim. Oatmeal is significantly cheaper pound-for-pound than a box of Lucky Charms, for instance. You can feed a large family of hungry children with a big box of oatmeal much more economically than you can with, say, sausage, bacon, and eggs. There are many alternatives. Though some of them may actually be less money than oatmeal, there is no question that oatmeal would likely be listed among those most economical.

3) It’s good for you –

Hands down, people eat oatmeal because it’s a nutritious food and provides numerous benefits to the body—nutrition, energy, and emotional well-being. Now if you’re thinking that you really do it for one or both of the prior reasons, hooray. That makes eating oatmeal even more rewarding, but you nevertheless also do it because it is good for you. And that’s commendable.

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Yes. There are many more motivations that cause people to eat oatmeal, but whatever their rationale, let’s not miss the greater lesson. Whatever your reason for eating oatmeal, it’s possibly much deeper than first meets the eye. And so it is when we face challenges and hardship in our lives. There is often much more significance in these experiences than what we initially understand or recognize. When we see the bigger picture, perhaps later on—possibly much later on—the reasons will be self-evident and obvious with the hindsight and increased perspective we gain.

So when you are faced with an obstacle that seems more severe than you alone can overcome or you have an overwhelming task to complete, remember, sometimes we do things just because it is the right thing to do.

And because it’s the right thing to do, numerous blessings come into our lives in both apparent and unexpected ways. So let me ask you…

Why do you eat oatmeal?

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