Did you know the fourth Saturday in October is always Make a Difference Day? I’d like to tell you what we did to celebrate Make a Difference Day this year.


Our area had many fires last year. So we decided to help with the replanting projects.


We started out early in the morning, along with the youth of many other stakes, to plant trees in the area where growth began to recover.


It was long. It was tedious. It was backbreaking…and it was totally worth it. We brought shovels, the organization we worked through provided the trees, and together we set out to bring new life to this badly wounded area.


All in all it took just a few hours. We even got hot cocoa and donuts afterward. To this day I am able to drive past that area and say, “I helped plant those trees.”


The young women in our ward put together a Halloween Party for the Primary children. They had fun games like donuts tied to strings. The children then had to try and eat the donuts without using their hands. Sure it’s messy, but so much fun! The children were invited to dress up in their costumes, though it wasn’t necessary. My own kids had an absolute blast, and the added benefit of feeling loved by the young women.


Service doesn’t always have to be on such a grand scale. Keep in mind places closer to home. Do you have a neighbor in need? It’s not too hard to look for leaves piling up on a lawn, or a lawn that could use a quick mowing. As the growing season is coming to an end volunteer to help pull up someone’s garden or prune some rosebushes. Is it your ward’s turn to clean the building? If so, make an effort to go help, even if you haven’t signed up.


There are billions of ways to help make a difference in the lives or community around you. Throughout this week I’d encourage you to look for ways to serve.


What about in your own home? Could you help clean the house without being asked (or nagged)? What about offering to wash the dishes after a meal, even if it’s not your turn? Does your own lawn need a good mowing or raking?


Try baking some cookies and enlisting family members to help take them around to friends or neighbors. Do you have a younger sibling who could use some one-on-one time? You’d be surprised what a difference your undivided attention can make.


No matter how you decide to do it, look for at least one way to make a difference. The blessings will come not only to the one you serve but to you as well.


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