Ramallah Family 1905

It seems like every Mormon family has an aunt or cousin who has done “all of the genealogy for the family.” For my maternal grandfather’s line, that person is mom’s cousin Fawn.  She’s connected family ties for years and years, yet I’ve never heard her say, “Everything’s done!”  In fact, she gently encourages, and jokingly DARES, all of the family to participate so we can all enjoy the blessings of family history and help her hasten the work.

Even with all of her expertise and experience, she thinks anyone can be involved with and succeed in family history work!

While doing family history, Darth Vader discovers that Luke has a sister


1.   Family history is a commandment.

2.  I want to know my history.

I have always been curious about the beginnings of my history and extended family.  I want to know all about them.   Once I got started doing the research and found those first ancestors, the curiosity increased and the sweet satisfaction of actually finding them gave me a strong desire to continue.  I then wanted to know about others.

Olden Family Photo

3.    Family history is a priceless treasure.

I relate it to fitting pieces into a puzzle…starting with a bit of information and finally seeing that information become an ancestral family. To me, it is like opening that special gift under the Christmas tree and finding that it is a priceless treasure.

4.    I want my children and grandchildren to know their ancestors.

I want them to know who their ancestors are and to understand the things they accomplished, the lives they touched, and the way they lived.

Native American Family

5.   Family History is challenging work, but the rewards are great.

There is a stronger feeling of self-worth as you realize it can be done and you can do it. Relate it to the reading of an excellent novel that you don’t want to put down until you read the last page and know the end of the story. While involved in the actual research you can relax and get lost in it.   It’s hard to explain but when you begin to put those pieces together you don’t want to stop until you find all the answers…all the time knowing once you do find the ones you’re searching for, others will take their place.

6.    The work is spiritually satisfying.

Vintage Family Picnic


How do you connect with your ancestors?  How about learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipe.
A Great-Grandfather’s journal helps a young man gain direction in his life and appreciation for his ancestors.

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To read more of Delisa’s articles, click here.

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