Everybody struggles.  Everyone has “demons” that drag them down.  There are addictions in our lives that we must fight to stay away from.  One of mine has always been food.  I love food!  I love baking, and cooking for my family.  I love experimenting with new ingredients and new recipes.  I remember that while I was pregnant with my twins, I was put on bed rest in my 29th week of pregnancy.  During girl-470690_640that time I watched a whole lot of the Food Network.  I had a few favorites that I would make sure I watched every day.  Now, I am on a mission to lose weight and overcome my food addiction.  There are several addictions that people suffer from, and nobody is immune.  If you aren’t the one to suffer through it, chances are you may learn of someone dealing with it through someone else.

Emotions were high for me this week.  I deal with stressors every day of my life (as does everyone else), and it’s a daily experience learning how to overcome and deal with them every day.  I miss my boys, our relationship is still strained.  I love working, but wish I could stay home with my daughter.  I want more children but I struggle with secondary infertility.  I’ve had five miscarriages in two years, and had two before I was finally blessed with my daughter.  Tests have shown nothing indicating a reason behind losing my babies.  Weight could be the only contributor, that’s why I’m working on my weight and overcoming a food addiction.  So far, I’m doing well.

Another stressor is that someone very close to me is struggling.  Okay, there are several people close to me that have struggles on a daily basis, not just one.  But this one in particular is very dear to me. They will remain anonymous, in fact I’m not even sure if they will read this, but I love them and do not want to discourage them.  This person started out with a great future at hand. They were born of goodly parents who taught their children the Gospel.  Though not perfect, values were instilled in their children.  This person started their own family and began working to take care of them.  Sadly, several mistakes led to the demise of the marriage.  From then on it seemed to be that their world had crashed.  It has been a downward spiral from there.

We all sin differently, we all struggle, and we all handle opposition differently.  This person has been lost for some time now, and just recently expressed that this is not the life they wanted.  After months of trying to convince this person to go home and to “quit” their addiction, and after months of several people praying and fasting for them, these words caused a lump in our throats.

Everyone close to this person has wanted to find some way to help, but in researching and speaking to former addicts, I know that the addict has to be ready and want to stop.  I would just shake my head and say over and over again, “they just need to stop!”  But all we can do is wait and be there for them when they are ready.  I felt lost for them.  I felt it was never going to get better, but then I heard an amazing quote. The same day I was told about that conversation I came across a picture with this quote from Jeffrey R. Holland.

man-578901_640“To any who may be struggling to see that light and find that hope, I say: Hold on.  Keep trying.  God loves you.  Things will improve.”

I shared it on my personal Facebook page for anyone else that may have needed it as well.  Turns out, someone did!  Nothing big has happened that I know of for now, but I still believe there is hope.  For those of you, who struggle with addictions that can affect your testimony or church attendance, please know that there is a way back to the church and His gospel.  Do not let this stop you from coming back to church.

Our theme for Stake Conference today was from Omni 1:26.  It reads,

“And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of His redemption.  Yea. Come unto Him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto Him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved.”

Now I say this, for all of our struggles with daily life, addictions, and oppositions, put it in the Lord’s hands.  He is always with us anyway, why not acknowledge Him and allow him to pour out His love to us?  He is the way!  I have stopped myself several times this last week just to say a prayer and ask Him for His help.  He’s always listening.  In fact He waits for us to talk to Him.  He wants so much to help us, but we have to come unto Him.

Finding My Way Back- If you'd like to read more of Maya's articles, click here.

Finding My Way Back- If you’d like to read more of Maya’s articles, click here.

If you yourself are not dealing with an addiction or if you’re lucky enough to not be going through any trials momentarily, be a friend to those you know are.  In fact, even better, be a friend to anyone.  You don’t have to invite them to dinner or give them money, just be kind.  You never know what someone is dealing with.  Take a moment to do more than smile.  Say, “Hello!” every now and then.  We are trying to be like Jesus, and to be humble and loving as He was.  Let us not shun those who struggle. Instead show the same kindness and love that Christ did as He walked through the crowds of lepers and beggars.  Come unto Christ and commit to Him fully, and you will find joy!

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I'm a Supermom and wife who works full time. I love cooking for my family and friends. But most of all, I love the Gospel and my journey back to it!

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