Rubbing shoulders with great leaders in our day is a privilege I never expected. I met David Ssejinja through a mutual friend. David is the founder of the Ssejinja Children’s Foundation. The noble activities I have seen it do and the excitement

David Ssejinja

David Ssejinja and children

generated among my daughters and others motivated me to get involved.

Through this friend, I told David of my desire to help, so we arranged a time to meet together. He offered to speak with me at my home after 5 during the week or anytime Saturday or Sunday. We met at 6pm Tuesday.

Since to my knowledge he had never been on my street, I walked outside at the appointed time to flag him down. He arrived in a humble, plain car. As he exited the vehicle, David grasped my hand and thanked me profusely for being willing to help. I invited him into my home office, he removed his shoes, and we engaged in a delightful conversation.

Whether I presumed it before when I set the appointment or realized it right there in my living room, this man is giving everything he has for this cause, so all funds donors contribute go directly to blessing the children of Uganda. The Ssejinja new_index_05Children’s Foundation boasts a 95% pass-through rate to ensure the needy children receive as much benefit as possible.

David moves this foundation forward while holding down a full-time job, leading his own family and home (rearing three beautiful daughters), and doing it all after work or on weekends. He is willing to meet me on my terms and showers me with gratitude when I make the smallest contribution. Looking back, I probably should have felt guilty, but his constant stream of praise and thanks won’t allow it. 

Yes. The identity of an organization is determined by those who lead, work, and participate in it–and what they sacrifice to make its purpose a reality.

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To read more articles by Walter Penning, click here.

Ssejinja Children’s Foundation is stellar in my book. David is not alone. Countless others contribute in dozens of ways. His organization and its people improve the world every day. I enjoy reading his blog, which highlights those whose efforts make a difference in remarkable and incredible ways. 

My hope is that the world and lives of the impoverished will change because you are edified reading about the fine people I meet and the host of miracles I see every day. 

That’s why I do this.


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