During this Christmas season one particular word repeatedly pops up: tradition. Christmas traditions vary from family to family. Some have been passed down for generations while others are brand new.

Mormon ChildRighteous traditions are ones that strengthen and uplift family members. They bring in the Spirit of God.

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is retelling the story of the birth of Christ. In the book of Luke in the New Testament we can read this story in chapters one and two. While adults may find this simple telling with scripture enough to capture their imagination, children always learn better with action or visual aids. If you have enough around try acting the story out. If not, find pictures to help you tell the story.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is another wonderful tradition to start. No matter what you decide to put into your twelve days, it can be a fun way to help your children look outside of themselves during this Holiday Season. Let them pick out someone from your neighborhood or church to do a secret Twelve Days of Christmas to. If you have younger children, it might be easier to put everything together and give it all at once with instructions on what present to open when (if you give perishable items be certain to let the receivers know to put a particular gift in the fridge). If you kids are a bit older, make it a nightly outing, letting them knock or ring the doorbell and run. It’ll make it so much more fun.

For those who would like to watch a beautiful depiction of the birth of Jesus, ‘Joy to the World’ is a video recording the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put together. Through scripture and music (featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square) we are taken through His birth, His life and His ministry. This DVD or cassette comes in many languages and can be used to bless the life of many. It’s also free, which I consider to be a huge bonus. To order it click here.

When it comes to family traditions be sure to include the birth of Jesus. Many children today are growing up not knowing why it is we celebrate Christmas. Make His birth the most important part of your Holiday Season.

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