The other day I saw a quote by Richard G Scott that read, “He gave His life so that you can change your life.” I read this at the most perfect time in my current situation, so I immediately saved it into my phone to keep as a reminder.


Elder Richard G. Scott

It’s been a little while since I’ve asked myself, ‘Am I proud of where I am in my life right now?’ Most times I would say, ‘I guess so’. What I’m really saying is, I know I can do better and do bigger things in my life, but sometimes I doubt myself. This is an act of keeping myself a prisoner in my own life. – Don’t do this.


It goes back to the simple phrase our parents have told us growing up, ‘You can be whoever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it’. So why is it so hard to change some aspects of our lives? I believe it’s because we fear the unknown. It’s easier to play it safe rather than to challenge ourselves and to reach our full potential.


It’s easier to stay in a bad habit, because we feel that it takes too much work and time to change. What we must always remember during those troubling doubts is that Heavenly Father does not put fear in us. He expects us to go about our journey in this life believing that we can do all things when we put our trust and faith in ourselves, but also in Him.


You ask, ‘what if things don’t go the way I plan?’ I say, we should always be prepared for the worst knowing that sometimes we won’t get the results we want. In the same sense understanding that God knows the plan for our lives. A bigger plan! We need to remember and remind ourselves in challenging moments that where we are in our lives, where we go, that we will be okay because we can do all things with Him.


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If in your lives right now, you are not happy or if you don’t feel your life improving.. Change your way of thinking, change your circumstances and change YOU! Don’t ever feel like you can’t live up to your full potential, or can’t continue to improve you. Heavenly father wants us to feel every ounce of happiness, He wants us to live a life we can be proud of.


When things can’t seem to feel any worse for you, take a deep breath; Remember what a blessing it is to live this life and to make it what you want. Every single day we’re given the opportunity to change and to be better people; So we should always give our best efforts to. Lastly, always remember, You can change because, as Richard G. Scott said “He gave His life so you can change your life.”

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