Many missionaries are now sharing the gospel, using social media! Our missionary had only been doing social media missionary work for a few weeks when he asked me if I could give him some pointers.


I have worked within the LDS church’s Public Affairs department using social media for YEARS—so this is definitely something I can help him with! Here are some of the best practices I learned working in social media. Some of these may help with the needs in your mission/life—I certainly hope so!


Rule #1


All of our social media should communicate one important message: We Follow Jesus Christ.


What Should I Post?


1. Post content that your current followers will want to share with their friends.


  1. Share regularly and keep the content fresh and relevant. Your posts should be uplifting and positive and focus on topics of faith, religion, community service and spiritual growth.
  2. Articles/videos about people. Make personal video clips of you/your companion sharing testimony about a specific aspect of the gospel!
  3. Use your accounts to support Church social media initiatives such as #LightTheWorld and #HeLives
  4. Share appropriate and relevant content and news from others in your community. This will broaden your audience and help your followers to stay informed.


2. Content in postings:


  1. There is a fine line between over-posting and under-posting. There will be times like General Conference when there is a lot of possible content and you will want to post frequently. Other times, however, there will not be much to share, and that is okay.
  2. You should not post photos of people on your social media pages without their consent.
  3. If you share a photo, quote, or any other reference that you did not create, give appropriate credit. Include the originator’s name or a website link back to the original work.
  4. Remember that you do not speak for the Church. Avoid making comments that could be misinterpreted as an official Church position. However, your posts will always reflect on the Church, so make sure they are appropriate and in accordance with Church doctrine and standards.


3. Check Your Source


  1. Before you share that inspiring video or meme, be sure that it links back to a page/site that represents the Savior. You don’t want to share an inspiring meme that someone clicks on that then leads them to something nasty. Check it before sharing!


4. Remember Who You Represent


  1. Even if someone becomes unkind in the comments, remember to always handle it the way the Savior would. Remember, this person is a child of God … even if they don’t currently remember it themselves! Treat them with respect and love, just like you would in person.
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    However, if someone is bringing a spirit of contention and negativity, feel free to take the conversation to a private message. Then delete all negative comments made on your page. This is YOUR page—you have the right to decide what is on there. Remember, this page represents you and You represent the Savior!


5. Be Authentic


Your social media followers are your personal friends and family—they want to hear from YOU. Share YOUR personal testimony and experiences. Your personal witness is the most powerful tool you have in missionary work—USE IT!

About Emlee Taylor
Growing up all over the world gave Emlee Taylor an opportunity to see the incredible differences the Lord created in humanity; and even better, the passions we all share as members of the human race: love for family, faith, & a desire to make a difference. Emlee lives life with passion—focusing her time now on raising four children and teaching them to recognize truth and to live true to that truth, regardless of others’ expectations. Emlee is passionately in love with her bestest friend and husband of more than 20 years. 

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