I’m captivated butterflies and moths.  When working, I sit facing exterior windows. Butterflies and moths flit about my yard, sometimes not landing on anything, but just diving and rising in a dance before my eyes. Sometimes there are groups of butterflies.  But most often, a single set of wings catch my periphery glance and call my attention.


Orange monarchs and yellow moths most frequently visit.  But the gorgeous white monarchs have recently been popping round for a visit.  Their existence just feels so happy!


Sometimes I feel like someone is watching me, so I instinctively look up on my ceiling or the overhang outside my window.  I often see a gigantic black witch moth hanging out for awhile, usually a few days. The first time I saw one, I seriously thought it was a bat and may have shrieked.  It seriously settled on the ceiling DIRECTLY over my head!  Someone told me it was a death omen, but I’m still here.  That’s not the first time I’ve cheated death omens.


When these creatures catch my gaze, I can’t help but stop and watch them. I resonate so strongly with them.  I feel like I’ve been flitting through life like they do. Luckily my life span’s a little longer.


Deep-Rooted Versus Wanderlust


There are so many people in my life that I really, really admire who seem more like the stable plants in my garden than the flitting butterflies.  I remember longing to feel that deep-rooted stability.


I married a man who lived in the same town basically his entire life, except for moving to two other towns for a year each (including the one I met him in.)  I looked forward to the roots and the “stability” of growing old in one place for the rest of my life.


However, my natural wanderlust supplanted his deep-rootedness. He became addicted to perpetual motion and we became gypsies wandering to our hearts’ content.


We’ve recently slowed down. We just passed two years in this home (a record since 2009 when we moved from a house we lived in for six years—the longest I’ve ever consecutively lived in one place in my life.) I’m in my 64th move now and it feels good to settle a little.


To be honest, one reason I’m drawn to this cozy townhouse is because of my window walls and the garden’s visitors.


I Am the Butterfly


But back to the butterflies. They provide a critical pollination and weed eater service in the ecosystem and in my garden specifically.  The plumerias blossom regularly. The butterfly bushes prosper under their care. Everything is just gorgeous.


One day I saw myself in a butterfly.  It stopped on some foliage for a little while and then flitted off to another and another and another before finally flying out of view.  I laughed because I felt that way that very day.  I’d visited several ladies in the ward and suddenly imagined colorful wings strapped to my back driving from house to house in happy bliss and productive state.


I love visiting the trees and plants and shrubs I know.  I feel their stable strength and power.  I glean from their experiences. I bring thoughts and ideas and talents when I land in for my time and they share theirs. Our souls exchange light. The interaction edifies both of us. I feel purpose and love in those interactions.


But sometimes I get lost in the flight between the foliage. The blustery wind knocks me off course.  I have to dodge a bird or two. The flight of a butterfly’s trajectory seems like a fight for survival.


The foliage has to fight for survival too against pests, disease, drought, flood, et cetera. Everyone has to identify and understand the possible distractions and devastations in their own path. A butterfly fights a different battle than a plumeria tree or a hibiscus bush even though they mutually benefit each other in the ecosystem.


Be Yourself


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And that’s what butterflies have taught me this year.  Don’t get bogged down in wanting to be a hibiscus. Stand in the power of mutual benefit and unique expression. Be aware of blustery distractions that divert from innate purpose. Help others stand strong in the face of their challenges.


And fly!!  Fly and live and work with the intention to achieve a greater purpose. Stretch your wings and fly in the light of the sun to do the work of the Son. Live completely and forever in light—


Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space—


The light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God who sitteth upon his throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things.

About Delisa Hargrove
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have moved 64 times and have not tired of experiencing this beautiful earth! I love the people, languages, histories/anthropologies, & especially religious cultures of the world. My life long passion is the study & searching out of religious symbolism, specifically related to ancient & modern temples. My husband Anthony and I love our bulldog Stig, adventures, traveling, movies, motorcycling, and time with friends and family.

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