This may be the most significant article I ever write. That is my goal.


I fully intend it to be. 


Jesus calms the storm, tempestSome ask me why I make everything religious. That’s an easy one. Because I am not strong enough to face the challenges of life on my own, when I cannot see the way, my faith in God carries me.


While writing today, I am listening to a beautiful song as I compose these words. It’s one of my favorite renditions. Yet I don’t feel any guilt for not being the one belting out the lyrics. We let others with more prolific musical talent and vocal skills entertain us. There is nothing wrong with that.


When I see the Mona Lisa, my first thought is not “I wish I had painted that.” When we admire others’ work, we need not feel remorse or inadequacy. They have their talents, and I like to think that we have ours as well. Our skills are likely very different than others’, and that is okay.


One other consideration: when we respect people for their talents, often our admiration is a result that we lack the very gift we admire in them. Because their talent is something we don’t really understand or fully appreciate, it awes us, and that too is okay.


Case in point: I cannot juggle. I have tried it a little, but I never really get the hang of it, and the items fly off in every direction. Since it seems I have not made any significant progress, my efforts ceased. No big deal. Then one of my daughters suddenly picked up the skill and demonstrates the ability on occasion. Admittedly, I stand in awe of her. She makes it look so easy. 


If I were an accomplished juggler, I would be pleased but probably not amazed at her juggling talent. Is that a fair analysis? 


I look at others who play the piano or compose beautiful songs on the guitar with similar admiration. Gratefully, with today’s technology, we are able to enjoy others’ skills regularly.


We can all be grateful for the musical accomplishments of others. More than ever, today we enjoy music, songs, and lyrics expressed by talented musicians. YouTube, ReverbNation, Spotify and AirPods are common companions to many. I think that I can safely assume that is the case for you as well.


But there is one skill we will never develop on our own. It is exclusively reserved for someone else much more capable and ready than you or me. None of us can do what He does. He exercises this particular ability in our behalf, however. 


And that is the Savior Jesus Christ. His skill, exclusive to Him alone, is the salvation and exaltation of all mankind.  


He will ease your burdens if you will let Him and provide a way back to everything you really desire.


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We expect the Savior to redeem us from our hardship, suffering, and spiritual debt. That is exactly what He does for each one of us who is willing. But He will not force us to heaven. He loves us so much that He allows us free agency even when we decide against Him. Though He suffered the cost of all our sins, He still lets us choose. That has got to be very difficult, yet He allows even that because of His love for you and me.


All of us together fall short of the glory of God.


He provides a way for me and my loved ones despite our shortcomings, and for that I shout “Hallelujah!”


Some still ask why I make everything religious. For me, the answer is simple. 


He is the Way.


Lead image: Agony in the Garden by Frans Schwartz.

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