Merrill Osmond, lead singer of the world renowned entertainers, The Osmond Brothers, was introduced to the world of entertainment at a very early age. Made famous on The Andy William Show, Merrill and his brothers, in a matter of years, took the world by storm. At the height of their careers they played to sold-out stadiums across the world, ruled the music charts and never strayed from their beliefs, their morals and their values.

jesus christ mormonMerrill Osmond lead singer for the famous Osmond family, is now an established solo artist. He has performed in almost every major venue around the world. It’s his incredible voice as the lead you hear on hits such as “One Bad Apple”, ”Crazy Horses”, “Yo-Yo”, “Down by the Lazy River”, “Love Me for a Reason” and countless other hits. In collaboration with his brothers, Merrill sang lead to the group’s collective 27 gold records, many of which he shared the production credits and has written the music and lyrics for five number one hit records. Collectively the Osmonds have produced 47 platinum and gold records. In the history of the rock era, no other recording artists have earned as many gold records in one year as the Osmond family. Not even the Beatles surpassed the record of the Osmond’s eleven gold award certificates in one year, a record the Osmonds still hold to this day.

Merrill is a dear, dear friend of mine. Over the course of the last two years I have known him I have come to understand what drives the man: his testimony of Jesus Christ and of His gospel as it is taught in the principles, practices and precepts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His testimony states:

I, Merrill Davis Osmond, do whole heartily support and defend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and its teachings. I testify of the true authority that permeates within this church’s structure. I have an absolute witness of the sacred work proceeding forth in the temples across this world, and the saving ordinances that allow entrance back into Father’s kingdom.

I have seen the hand of God perform so many miracles throughout this world that I would be a fool to deny his existence. I have observed the work of the adversary as well. His cunning attempts to lull away Father’s children into worldly pleasures has been his plan throughout all time. Satan and his followers are here upon the earth this day laying traps for each of us to fall into. Be very aware of his presence, he can be found in anything to do with pride, ego, power, fame, and money.

The glory of God and those gifts in which he condones are found in the simplest things. He can be found where there is peace, joy, happiness, service, sacrifice, and a humble heart. God’s door is always open to us. We alone close this door when we choose to let the world in. We eliminate His still small voice when we are not living His commandments, and choosing to follow the cheap thrills of the moment

I testify to you that MAN will not endure the punishments of God if he is an abusive individual. I’ll say it again, NO MAN that has ever been born on this earth will ever survive the punishments God has in store if he is an abuser. He might think he is getting away with his actions, but I can promise anyone reading this, anyone that is causing harm and undue stress to another, that God will have at you in the end!

I can also testify to the WOMEN that God loves you, he knows your plight. If you are faithful to the end, your Father in heaven will grant you the richest blessings of eternal glory. Your spirits are precious to Him. If you are living with circumstances that do not allow you to grow spiritually, if you are feeling alone with your problems, if you are suffering under the strict demands of an unrighteous man, know that your life is being followed closely by a host of angels. For the effects of your plight will be rewarded unto you tenfold in the end. It is the direct responsibility of the MAN to support, defend, protect, provide, and care for you. And if he isn’t listening to God along the way, he will fall!

I believe in God, I believe in his Son, I believe in the Holy Ghost that speaks to us when we are searching for answers. We do not need to fear the future my brothers and sisters. We must only fear ourselves, we are the ones that stop our progress, we are the ones that refuse to see the miracles that are upon us daily. We are the ones that let our ego and pride stand in the way of pure thinking. We are the ones that judge others and rip the fiber out of society and when that happens, we are only judging ourselves.

Oh my dear friends. please humble yourselves and come back to your Father in heaven. Stop believing you have everything figured out in this life, stop thinking you are so wonderful and great, quit judging others and start praising them, be anxiously engaged in good works. Please change your lives while you are still in this mortal world. It is here where you can overcome the flesh, its here where you can be found worthy to enter into new and different realms of understanding. We have the opportunity to make a difference to those we come in contact with. Literally bless them as the Savior would do. Do we really want to mess up this great opportunity?

Come home my brothers and sisters. If you don’t have the faith to take the first step, please put your faith on my shoulders and we will walk together.

~Your Friend, Merrill

Merrill lives by every word of his testimony. Thousands upon thousands have been brought back to the Savior through the example and testimonies of Merrill and his family. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he never fears to share his faith or his testimony. Every action in his life is driven by his desire to serve our Savior.

Still singing to sold out crowds, Merrill continues to entertain and uplift, regardless of his mood or circumstance. He is a man among men and an example all can point to and say . . . study, learn and grow until your testimony matches the power and strength of his. He has found happiness. He has found truth. He knows the direction to that path which will lead you home.

He is never too busy to help a friend. He is a devoted husband, father and brother. He strives to follow the path of that great Exemplar, Jesus Christ. He never stops reaching toward the heavens and inviting others to do the same.

Merrill is an example to one and all of remaining humble when the accolades of the world are showered upon you. When success, whatever measure it may be, finds you . . . will you be the example Merrill has been? It is my fondest hope and desire that I will.

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