Many people have an odd idea about Mormons and how we live. Because we adhere to certain standards it is a common belief that we don’t have fun. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our fun just doesn’t involve getting falling down-blind drunk in order to have that fun.

jesus christ mormonThe fruits of gospel living are varied and broad. We enjoy a healthier lifestyle because of the Word of Wisdom. Long before anybody knew how bad it was for you, strong drink and caffeine drinks were banned from our diets. The Lord knew — Science just barely caught up to the dangerous physical effects of alcohol, caffeine, soda, etc. Not that we have anything against soda pop, but when I look at the lasting damages from it, I count it as a given.

Because we enjoy a healthier lifestyle we are able to participate in activities others can’t, later in life. If we’ve lived our lives according to the dictates of the Lord, then we can hike, swim, raft, play football or basketball with children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.

Physically, we are a healthier people because we don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, etc. We laugh. We love. We play. Because we can.

Because of our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation our grief is tempered with peace. No one escapes life without facing some type of trial or tragedy. Knowledge of Jesus Christ and His teachings guides us through those times so that, if we listen, we experience the least amount of damage.

We are simply a happier people and grateful to be so. brings you. There is hope in knowing that this is not all there is. There is peace in understanding we have a loving Savior, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Yes, we are a very happy people.

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