The morning light shone warmly on Sarah’s eyelids. She only sighed and let her body sink more deeply into her sleep-warm sheets. She had only just begun to drift back into sleep when she felt a tiny little something tracing over her face and heard the barely suppressed giggles of her youngest. Cracking one eye open just a hair she could spy Carly with one hand clamped over her mouth and the other hand dangling something over her mothers’ face. Sarah tried to see what it was: Oh, a feather. That’s what it was.

mormon family dinnerPlaying along with the game, Sarah lazily swatted at exploded from her. Carly exhibited amazing self-control and patience for a three year old. She paused only a moment to get herself back under control, then began the slow drag of the feather across Sarah’s face again. Sarah sighed again, actually enjoying the feeling of the light traces over her face, but especially enjoying the attention of her baby girl.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer and with a roar she reached out and grabbed Carly, pulling her off her feet and dragging her into bed with her. Carly screamed with delight and quickly snuggled down into bed in between her still-sleeping daddy and her mom.

“’Mornin’ Darling Carly” Sarah whispered into Carly’s neck. Then she blew a big wet raspberry into the sweet remnants of Carly’s baby fat. Carly’s full throaty laughter bubbled forth and caught Sarah up in it’s wake. A heated tickle battle ensued which threatened to wake Daddy up. He only grunted though and drifted back to sleep; no doubt dreaming he was adrift on storm-tossed seas. Sarah trapped Carly against the pillow and rested her forehead lightly against Carly’s. She looked in to her large brown eyes, so warm and deep, and let herself drink it all in. This was a moment of sweetness and happiness she wouldn’t let herself forget.

In response, Carly pulled her trapped arms out from along her sides and wrapped them around Sarah’s neck.

“I love you Mommy,” she said.

Sarah pressed her face into her pillow and drew in a long breath. For a moment she believed she could smell the sweet fragrance of Carly’s baby-self. She smiled and allowed the memory to linger a moment longer before climbing out of bed and facing her day.

When her feet swung over the edge of her bed and found her slippers waiting there, Sarah looked over to the full length mirror standing across the room. She smiled at herself. Her long white hair tussled and stringy from sleep, her wrinkled face worn our from an abundance of years on this earth, her heart full with remembering.

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