One of the greatest challenges many of us face today is a matter of time. We never seem to have enough of it. Often, if we try to look at things rationally, we’ll feel that we should either be able to accomplish more within a given hour, day, or week, or conversely feel that we packed in far too much.


clock alarm timeWhat is it that our Heavenly Father expects of us regarding our time? Where would He have us place our energies from day to day?

If we look to Jesus Christ’s example, we see that He was a very busy man with very little time to Himself. He gave His time to those around Him and served them in patience, even when it was not convenient. He went about doing good and found more good along the way.


I think the message, then, is that no matter how we fill our days, it should result in good. Good for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community. Still, our choices are many and the demands of our society can stretch us very thin. It often becomes a matter of priority. There are many good things, but not all of them may be right for us at the time of our lives we find ourselves in.


We ought to remember the message the Savior taught to Mary and Martha: that many things were good, but some things are needful. We must look to Him to find which parts are most needful for us personally.


For me, I have looked a little closer at how the Savior spent His time here on Earth. Yes, He was always busy. Yes, He was always doing good. Still, there were more important things that He would let interrupt Him. There were things that, no matter what else might have been at hand, Christ made time for. These were some of His highest priorities:


He was never too busy to pray.
He was never too busy to spend time with a child.
He was never too busy to notice the needs of one among the crowd.
He was never too busy, though He knew the end would be joyful, to cry with His friends in their sorrow.
He was never too busy for forgiveness.
He was never too busy to serve.


I think for me, it is the same. There are simple little things that will—if I commit to never be too busy for them—make the greatest impact on my happiness and salvation. As always, I follow the Savior’s example.

May I never find myself…

Too busy to pray
Too busy to hug my children
Too busy to read the scriptures
Too busy for the Sabbath
Too busy to see another’s need


If I am, I have let too much of the world, and Satan’s distractions, into my life. If I find myself too busy to follow the commandments, it is time to re-humble myself and remember the Lord’s will for me. I know I need to ask Him what needs to fall away so that I am never too busy to be His disciple. When I do that, I find He is never too busy for me.



This post was originally published in January 2008. Changes have been made for timeliness and consistency.

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