Whenever anyone who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enters a sacred temple to attend a session called the Endowment, they are wearing temple garments. This undergarment is a reminder to all who agree to The power of Godliness is manifested in the temples of God.wear them, that we are devoted to God. This undergarment idea is very similar to what the Jews have been wearing for thousands of years. The Jewish men wore and still do wear a garment top that has tassels hanging out from the bottom called Tallit Katan and feel the same way about them as the Mormons do.

Some might consider temple garments “funny underwear” but we don’t. Others might consider them uncomfortable and unnecessary but we don’t. Temple garments are sacred clothes worn underneath our regular clothes which are a spiritual protection from the world and a reminder of promises we keep to God.

Since we wear them night and day, the reminder is always there to be kind to others. A reminder to be honest in all our dealings with mankind. It is a reminder that we don’t drink liquor. We don’t smoke. We don’t take illegal drugs into our bodies and we try to do what is right. We should help one another and lift each other’s burdens. We are not perfect so all who wear them don’t do all that we should but for the most part, those who have gone through the temple and are wearing temple garments follow a strict code of honor.

Uncle Ben’s famous words from Spider Man say it all: “With great power comes great responsibility.” With this great blessing comes the responsibility of choosing the right by keeping those promises we made to God. We promote godliness.

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Godliness meaning faith, hope, charity, compassion, empathy, virtue and service to mankind. As Elder Octaviano Tenorio, an LDS Church leader from Mexico, said in a beautiful talk in 2007, the power of godliness is manifested in the temples of God.

We love our families both those who have passed on and those who are here on earth because they are important to us. We spend time trying to find those who came before so we can be connected as one big family. It’s all a part of the spiritual protection in wearing temple garments.

The opportunity for members to renew their devotion will always be available through attendance at the temple. No matter what is said of temple garments from the media, temple garments and the temple ceremonies still encourage our devotion and goodness to mankind. Whether in our thoughts or in our actions temple attendance will always be a great blessing; a great blessing which will be carried on into the eternities.

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