When I was a boy, I used to mimic a Dial soap commercial. Maybe you remember it, too. It went something like “Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish everybody did?” I thought I was so funny. I was just a little kid. There are many, many more ad slogans and some really memorable ones like Please don’t squeeze the Charmin, Got Milk? and the American Express classic Don’t leave home without it.

I imagine that some may not know what an idiom is without looking up the definition, but many, unaware, use them all the time. So sometimes without even realizing it, we try something without really knowing why. Regardless of whether you are aware of idioms as a figure of speech or not at all, they are available for your use and benefit. That makes me wonder how many other things are waiting to assist us, which we may not be utilizing to their fullest capacity. The cool thing about this post is that it talks about perhaps the most important idiom of all. But don’t be surprised if you have never recognized it as such. That’s why we are going to discuss it now. You have all heard the best defense is a good offense…and yes that is an idiom, too, not the foremost expression I am talking about, but an idiom nonetheless.

armour of GodMaybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I have always loved the analogy of the Armor of God found in Ephesians 6. The weapons and protection described there are both inspiring and comforting, but more than that, they are an exhilarating asset for us to overcome the battles that we face in our lives. The whole chapter is great, but I want to focus specifically on verses 10-18. Read them in the link above.

So, we have a number of defensive measures available to us. These verses discuss a helmet, breastplate, shield, and other armor and relate these to truth, righteousness, gospel preparation, and peace. Paul continues with increased emphasis to utilize faith, salvation, and perseverance. And in the midst of these verses, a single offensive weapon is revealed–the Sword of the Spirit. Then we receive the exhortation “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.”

Actually, if I am honest about it, this concept used to trouble me, “How can one really pray always?” Well, I thought about the times when I was raising my voice to heaven and even as I was closing my prayer, I realized I failed to thank Him for something in particular or forgot to ask His help regarding this matter or that. Funny thing is that it seems to happen more the older I get. Then, I remembered how I handled the matter in college when I was taking a big test or making a life-changing decision like choosing my major or changing direction. When I faced a challenge that was beyond my ability alone to manage, I found myself constantly thinking and seeking and listening for guidance. I would frequently call my father to run my thoughts by him and hope his direction would lead me in the way that I should go. And as I pondered his counsel and considered his advice, it helped light the path before me. Then, very clearly it came to me. If I did this very thing with my earthly father, then why not with my Heavenly Father through prayer and the manifestation and direction of the Spirit? We can always be seeking His guidance and thanking him for direction.

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Our most valuable defense against the adversary, confusion, doubt, and fear is the whole armor of God. And with it we will have the protection we want and the answers that we seek, the faith that we need, and the courage required to tackle the obstacles of our day–armed with the Sword of the Spirit. If I could provide any tool to my family and loved ones to help them through life, this is the one I would give them…and He did.  John 14:27

I know that one day we will live in His midst and always feel of the Spirit of the Lord and its comforting presence, and I look forward to that day with great anticipation.

But until then, seek for the direction of the Spirit and don’t leave home without it.

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