There’s a song titled “Time” by Chantal Kreviazuk that is one of my favorites. It’s so well written and really speaks about the importance of time. I love the message and I suggest you all to give it a listen when you can.

woman-689896_640That’s what I wanted to talk about; Time. Time is the one thing in this life that we can’t ever stop. I know that’s such an obvious statement for the most part, but it’s true, and bending or changing time is one of the most desired super powers out there.  For the great moments, we wish for time to stop so we can enjoy it longer. For the not so great moments, we wish for time to hurry by so we can move on. Whether we wish for time to slow down or speed up, we know that it can’t change. Time is simply…Time.

In the past few months alone, I’ve learned that although time seems to be going by so fast, that I’m also given so much time at the same time. I understand it like this.. As time passes, I don’t feel as much hurt. As time passes, I can be better. As time passes, I can understand more. As time passes, I learn more. So although I can’t stop time itself, I can choose to stop and take all the time I need to do just that.  

The time I’ve spent in Utah has given me more than just the experience of moving away from family. It’s given me so many opportunities to learn more about myself and how to take care of myself. There have been moments where I think, ‘Why am I here and not home?’ I catch myself thinking of moving back because I feel as if family is who I need to be around. Although that can be true in some ways, I also remember that I was guided to be in Utah.

There was a time where I prayed consistently for some help with direction in where I needed to be. I was conflicted for a little while and never really felt certain of what to do. With time, my prayer was answered in a way that grew my faith and my own testimony tremendously. One day I was sitting in a drive thru picking up some food before work.  It took about 15 minutes just sitting there waiting. In my hands I held a few dollar bills in one and in my other hand I had coins pinched between my thumb and index finger.

With all the time I had to just sit and wait, I happened to just glance at the coins in my hand and the first coin that was on the top facing towards me was the Utah state coin. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. I immediately knew that was my prayer being answered in a way person-1031023_640that I’d pick up on and understand. The Lord had answered my prayer. I felt so relieved and happy to have experienced a moment like that because it showed me that no matter how much I want to know something now, that I need to do is wait and give it time.

I need to pray about it and remember that God will answer my prayers in moments where I’m still and ready to know. That’s how and why I pursued my move to Utah and I’m so grateful for the experience and that Heavenly Father’s guidance never fails. Although I miss my family everyday, I was also given amazing people to surround myself with to fill that void. He’s given me so much comfort and has built my faith in Him knowing that I’m where I need to be. 

Moving to Utah is just one example to me of learning how to let time be time. Everything isn’t perfect here. I still struggle with being away from my mother’s cooking. But I really do have the greatest things that have helped me- I have the guidance and comfort from my Heavenly Father that’s given to me every single day.  I’m so grateful for this closer relationship I have with Him because I know if I didn’t have that, life would seem twice as hard living away from my family, and living life in general.

I often remind myself of these few things. 1 – Give yourself time to love where you are even when it’s difficult. 2 – With time everything will fall into place the way it should. 3 – Give yourself time to understand that you are where you need to be in your life. 

To read more of Jen Narra's articles, click here,

To read more of Jen Narra’s articles, click here,

This life isn’t easy nor was it meant to be. But I promise that with time, those hard challenges will pass and you’ll be able to fill your days with happier times because you will know how to get past those hard times easier. Don’t let yourself be stuck in those confusing and difficult times. 

If you have faith, then remember that you’ve given yourself the time to build it, right? So have faith that time will work for you in all things. Know that it’s time with yourself, time with loved ones, and most importantly time with God that can help you see the light in any dark moment. Give yourself time to keep growing. Give yourself time to learn and understand more. And give yourself all the time you need to best better yourself. Be patient and your time will come. 

All you need is time, so take it!

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