General Conference is one of my favorite times.  We could all agree that besides the big breakfast and the in between naps during General Conference, one of the other favorite things we enjoy are the words of wisdom that are shared.  They become the simple reminders to help us through life.  I think the words shared by Thomas S. Monson became my favorite reminder from this past conference,

Thomas S. Monson

Thomas S. Monson

“May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

I love the simplicity and truth he teaches about the importance of our choices in our lives. Speaking for myself, I’m thankful to have never been trapped in any kind of addiction that so many struggle to steer away from.  But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t made my own wrong decisions. Every “easier wrong” choice I’ve made has given me only one thing – A temporary fix.  It’s easy to choose what in that moment feels right, but ultimately leaves you empty.

Making the “harder right” decision always seems like a difficult process and something that’ll take some time to accomplish. I’ll admit that there have been times where the thought of enduring such a process has found me searching around for a ‘plan B’ instead. Which typically then leads to my making those “easier wrong” choices.

How many times have you walked down a trail or driven along a road that you felt would lead you to where you needed to be while you asked yourself, “Am I even going the right way?” Have your inner doubts made you question your direction? I know of no better example to share than that of a choice I made that changed my life. It was the choice to listen to the Spirit of the Lord telling me where I needed to be in my life and that I needed to do something about it right now.

away-1210103_640It took a moment to accept that I was being guided to move away from my family to start a new life elsewhere.  But I knew that if I let my fear keep me away from the great change the Lord required, that I would have already chosen that “easier wrong.” So I listened and went in the direction that I knew was where I needed to be.

I will never be able to fully express my absolute gratitude for that moment in my life – and where I am now.  It has completely changed everything for me forever. That one choice that seemed like the “harder right,” turned out to give me more than I expected.  And it brought me to where I am today. That single choice has given me happiness on all levels, but it has also impacted who I am by giving me a beautiful life.

It’s an unexplainable feeling to be living everyday with greater faith. I’m becoming more capable of taking on life itself. The Lord’s guidance is a real thing!  I’m grateful for the “harder rights” as they have drawn me closer to our Savior. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the love I feel from our Heavenly Father will always be the absolute happiest feeling in my life.

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To read more of Jen Narra’s articles, click here,

So that’s what I think about making the choices that President Monson calls the “harder rights”. I believe that it only takes one choice toward a “harder right” rather than an “easier wrong” to make you aware of your true inner strength. You will see how it can build your faith and change your direction of life. Most importantly, it will teach you that as you make those harder right choices, that they will become an easier choice each time because of the blessings you receive by choosing the Lord.

President Eyring shared in a Mormon message that if the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble. So walk with faith and know that no matter what, as long as you have faith and believe, you will always have made the right decision.

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