The other night I was looking for a movie to watch before bed with the intention of eventually falling asleep to it. I picked the movie, “The Pursuit Of Happyness.” One AM came rolling around and the thoughts of falling asleep turned into the determination to finish the movie- with not a single concern that I had to be up 4 hours later. When the movie finally ended, I laid there thinking about one of the last scenes.  It was a and truly moving scene with our main character, Chris Gardner, walking through a busy crowd of people.  His eyes are welled up with tears and you can see on his face that it is a moment of real happiness.  He is feeling relief, joy, and victory after getting the amazing news that he had gotten the job he worked so hard for.

I thought about how it was more than just the news that he had a job, but it was more realizing that his long and tiring trial had come to an end. He had gotten through it and he was able to breathe again! That scene always instantly puts me into tears.  I think of the courage this one man had to have to overcome the trials and awful  moments that could have broken him down and made him give up. And they were pretty severe.  But he didn’t give up, and he made it.

hiker-1149898_640So I then thought about the difficult moments in my life where no words were ever enough to express the anguish I was feeling inside.  And those succeeding moments when things started to turn around for the better. It’s a moment of relief, happiness, and freedom to be over with a trial that took all your energy. With all the many struggles I’ve experienced, the one most important thing that I’ve learned is to stand up to myself.  And to be brave in my heart. What I mean by that is despite of how physically and emotionally tough a trial may seem, all I needed to do was gather my inner strength, knowing by doing so I can get through it.  Because my faith and my strength will always be stronger and bigger than anything I have to go through if I remember that God is with me.

In all truth and honesty, it’s still a dream to me to see where I’m at physically and spiritually in my life because I struggled so long to feel strong when things were difficult for me. It was so frustrating before I found my inner strength.  But I knew I could do it and all I needed to do was just to stand up to myself. When that moment came, and I decided to step up for the first time in my life, I felt more alive than ever.  Now I live more fearlessly.  I’m happy and determined to always try my best no matter what. I’m not perfect, and sometimes I forget what I’m capable of.  But when I remember how much inner strength I do have and I’m blessed again with God’s spirit and I feel alive and strong.  I’ve struggled to get here.  But now I’m feeling and becoming more, because I’m standing up for the right.  And when things get hard I’m holding onto my faith. This has changed my life and who I am.

What I know to be true and real is that strength comes when you decide to stand strong on the Lord’s side. Pray and most importantly LISTEN. Listening becomes the most important thing to do during the growing process because sometimes God will whisper things.  And if you’re really listening, you will know that those whispers are from Him.

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To read more of Jen Narra’s articles, click here,

I believe that God has given us all the tools we need to live in this world and overcome all the trials we face, because we have already agreed to them before we were born.  And we have come to this earth to take on those challenges. My aunt has always reminded me during my own trials that God will never give you more than what you can handle. I believe that to be true.  I also believe that He will never let us drown in our trials ever, but it’s our job to find that strength within us to always keep trying. God will shine His light and show you that faith helps us move forward. Believe that with all your heart, it will give you confidence.

What the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” means to me that we should never give up. No matter what trial you go through or what all stands in your way, be strong. Stand up for yourself, find strength inside yourself, stand up to your trials and let your faith not only show, but LET IT LIVE within you!

Here is a clip of that very powerful scene from the movie to give you a visual of what true happiness feels like when you decide to never give up on your trials and keep pushing forward!

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