This past week, I’ve felt the urge and need to recharge in my goals, in my life and in who I am due to living my life on autopilot.

In a Slump


Are you in a rut?

I think for the most part, It’s been more of the fact that I’ve become a little too comfortable in being in such a routine with everyday life. During the week I wake up at 4:30am and my day doesn’t end until about 9pm. Within those hours, I go to work, nap, eat, run errands if i need to, then its an early night to bed. It’s been that way everyday for sometime. I basically had slumped into a very set routine and almost autopilot kind of living with even the same feelings day in and day out.

There was no motivation to do anything else when I had the opportunity to do so. It was like my brain couldn’t wrap itself around the idea of doing something else that wasn’t already a part of my everyday routine. If you’re wondering.. Yes, I even cancelled out on date nights. It was a frustrating cycle and I knew I needed to put this to an end.

As I mentioned in my opening sentence, I needed to recharge my goals, my life, and who I am.

This is how I did just that:

How to fix it

I started to think, ‘what can I do to get that motivation to break out of the routine I’ve been in and to do more fulfilling things in my everyday?’ So I asked myself this simple question “what am I passionate about?”.. Being who I am and loving to help others feel good about themselves has always been my main motivation for things. young-woman-635249_640The influence it has on me is such a blessing in my life as it’s given me so many different opportunities in reaching out to those in need.  And it fills me with such great gratitude. So I knew if I focused more on helping others that new ideas would arise.
I realized that by expressing my gratitude on a daily basis would also influence my motivation to do more good things in my day. My happiness is in gratitude. Behind that I believe is enough to motivate me to remember my goal in lifting others. It motivates me to show and give more good in life. It motivates me to be a better person everyday.

Every morning, I listen to inspirational messages. But I decided to not only listen to them, but to also use what the message shared.  And I decided to share the message with other people for that day to give them the motivation that the message has given me. It’s incredible to see what that can do for someone. I write more. I read more. I research more ways to do some volunteer work to help others. I even call my family and friends more often, just to say hi and make sure they’re okay.  Or simply to just share my gratitude I have for them.

You can too!!

God wants us to help others and wants us individually to keep growing. If we become so routine in our daily lives and forget those important things, we won’t be able to recognize that someone may be in need of our help that day. We won’t be able to recognize that we ourselves may need help. Don’t let yourself slump in autopilot.  Keep moving, keep doing your best everyday, keep looking out for others and keep looking out for you!

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To read more of Jen Narra’s articles, click here,

My advice for you, find the things you’re passionate about. Remember that there’s a difference between what you’re good at verses what you’re passionate about. You’ll find more happiness where your passion lies. When you begin to feel like your life is on auto pilot, slow down. Breath. RECHARGE! Everything will be okay.

“Appreciate the little things, small joys and victories that are gifts to continually lift you and recharge your spirit”

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