I have always been inspired by LDS (Mormon) Temples. They are magnificent and stately and made so beautifully. My uncle told me once about how they build temples. While most residential houses are built with walls that aren’t totally straight or tiles that have uneven gaps, LDS Temples are built to the highest standards.


The tiles that are laid on the floor have to be perfectly set, perfectly centered, and perfectly level. The walls have to be perfectly straight — both up and down, and horizontally.


Mount Timpanogos Utah temple

All the spacing of the walls, casings on the doors, and even the calk on the windows has to be done correctly.  All the carpet is custom made for each room and must be laid exactly.  And every piece of furniture and art must be made to exact specifications.


Knowing all this explains why temples take a year or more to build. This kind of exactness is followed from the foundations to the paint application on the walls. And every construction worker has to be a worthy member of the LDS faith, worthy to enter the temple.


The Temple is the highest form of worship for those of the LDS faith. While no person on earth is perfect, those who enter the temple are required to maintain standards of living that make them worthy to be in God’s house.


James the Mormon has just released a new video about what happens inside the temple. It’s not a secret!  Check it out.



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I love the Temple. The peace and love felt there is unlike anything I’ve felt anywhere else. I feel very blessed to have gotten to be married to my sweetheart in the Temple. And when I was 6 weeks old I got to be sealed to my parents within its walls.


Temples are a blessing to the whole human family. I encourage you to get to know more about the Temple.  Please attend as often as you can if you are LDS and worthy.  And if you aren’t currently worthy, please make the changes you need to so you can go. You will never regret it.



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