Growing up I was in love with the show Saturday’s Warrior. It’s a story of a family whose son gets wrapped up in his friends. And when his twin sister gets sick he comes home to his family and learns what life is really about. They have recently remade the movie, but in the original version the sick sister sings a song to her brother called “Line upon Line.” It basically outlines how God teaches us here a little and there a little, preparing us before each new lesson is taught. The music is by Doug Stewart and Lex de Azevedo and I love it. Here are the lyrics.


Saturday’s Warrior



Line upon line, precept on precept.

That is how he lifts us, that is how he teaches his children.

Line upon line, precept on precept.

We learn a little at a time.

Like a summer shower giving us each hour His wisdom.

If we are patient we shall see

How the pieces fit together in harmony.

We’ll know who we are in this big universe

And then we’ll live with Him forever.


But until it happens…


Line upon line, precept on precept.

That is how he lifts us, that is how he teaches his children.

Line upon line, upon; line upon line upon,

Line upon line….upon line.


These lyrics kept running through my head as we sat in Sacrament meeting today. I really feel like the Lord is leading us and preparing us as for bigger and greater things.  I feel like I have just witnessed yet another step in our progression.


Hastening the Work


We have more missionaries eager to serve than ever.

When I was a teenager the church “raised the bar” for missionaries. Where before they would take very willing volunteer to serve a mission, afterward their standards were higher. You had to be more prepared, more worthy, and willing to work harder.  


Then a few years ago the LDS Church announced a reduction in the age limits for missionaries. The boys could now serve at 18 instead of 19, and the girls could serve at 19 instead of 21. This was a huge deal! The numbers of missionaries in the world surged from around 30,000 to over 67,000 full time missionaries! It was clear the Lord was hastening His work for the salvation of souls.


Then last weekend in General Conference, there were more changes. The Melchizedek priesthood quorums combined on the ward level so that there was just one group. Previously there had been two groups, and very little interaction between the two. Now our congregations are better set up to function as a unit.


For many years we have been encouraged to visit other members of our congregations in a program called Home Teaching (where men visit families) and Visiting Teaching (where women visit families). This was a great way to bring the Lord’s spirit into homes and families, and take care of one another.


But Home and Visiting Teaching was rather structured. You were expected to visit monthly, and bring a prepared spiritual lesson. Those lessons were published by the church, and we were supposed to stick with the lessons. But now the Lord has given us yet another line of knowledge, He is preparing us to live on another level.




Now we get to learn how to really minister to one another.

Last weekend they did away with Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching, instead replacing it with a program called Ministering. They got rid of the monthly lesson where we sit down and formally learn about the assigned topic. Now we are being taught how to minister in the way the Savior ministered.


Now we get to focus on the individuals and families we are assigned and prayerfully think about what they may need. Then we get to go forward and serve those families in any way we are inspired to do. The young women and young men are being included in this initiative too. It will be a much more Christ centered way to connect with each other. I feel like this is a much needed change, and I’m so excited about it.


Two days ago I got to begin my ministering. And it was uplifting and beautiful. My dear friend (who also is assigned as one of my ministering ladies) moved. I will be honest, I shed tears about it. But I wanted to do what she needed me to do. So I went over to her house, I set up a playdate with our sons who are similar in age, and I started moving boxes. I hate moving boxes. But this time, with my mind focused on what she needed, the moving wasn’t so bad. I actually enjoyed myself!


When it became clear that she was overwhelmed and things were not going as expected, I called our local missionaries. The Elders showed up in masse and were literal angels lifting things that were beyond my abilities, and helping my friend’s husband (who had been left with me and two teenage girls to load the moving van). These six young men saved the day! It was a beautiful thing.


Looking Ahead


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I am so grateful for the Lord’s patient teaching of His children. I see Him working in my life, and now I get to see Him work on a church-wide level. He is teaching us line upon line, a little at a time. He is preparing us to learn to be more like Him and His son Jesus Christ, as we learn what real service is. It was easy to step in and see where my friend needed help with her move. But the real challenge will come in day to day living as we try to minister to each other the way God would.


I can see this as the beginning of something great. And I feel so happy that the Lord is trusting us with more light and knowledge. I know God loves us. I know that we can do amazing things when we work together in His name. And I am so grateful to have this front row seat to witness the progression of His children.


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