He has Risen

by Madison (12)

One of the most important tenets of our faith is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, resurrected from the dead after being crucified and buried in a tomb.  Easter celebrates the glorious truth that He lives again and so will we!

What is resurrection?  And why did Jesus live again?  58 children were asked these two questions. Some of the children didn’t how to define resurrection.  But most of the children responded to these two questions with matter-of-fact practicality and childlike faith.

What is Resurrection?

Bratcher (5) – When you die you get resurrected. You get born again.

Adam (4) – it is after crucified.

Emilia (5) – It’s where you live again.

Joshua (5) – it’s whenever someone is on a cross and they die on it.

Addy (7) – Your body is reunited with your spirit after death.

Lynlee (9) – It means you come alive again.

Akilah (8) – It is when you died and come alive.

Matthew (7) – When someone comes back alive from the dead.

Amelia (10) – Resurrection is when you keep the commandments and when we die our spirit leaves us but then our spirit comes back to the body and we rise from the dead and are perfect.

Kate (10) – Resurrection is when you die and your body and spirit separate and then they come back together again as a perfect body.

Ana Julia (10) – Resurrection is when Jesus Christ rose from the dead and saw all of his disciples and his earthly mother.

Ethan (7) –When you come alive.

Anela (5) – Resurrection is something different.

Resurrection of Jesus

By Amelia (10)

Asher (7) – You die and then you come back to Earth.

Annie (9) – You come back alive.

Keahu (6) –Your mortal body dies and your immortal body comes and you can’t die anymore.

Bailey (10) – When you live again after you have died.

Ka’ihi (10) – Our spirits and our bodies can reunite and we will be immortal and we can live again and have a family again.

Beau (8) – Where you come back to life without your body. You’re just a spirit.

Hina (4) – It means you can talk to people.

Chase (10) – When you come back to life.

Dane (6) – Mary.

Elisabeth (9) – When you raise from the dead.

Emmett (3) – Candy night. That means it’s conference time!

McKean (8) – We live again.

Eva (5) – That means that Jesus came back alive.

Lila (8) – When someone dies, 3 days later they come back alive.

Evie (9) – When someone dies and then they come back alive after a period of time.

Kyla (11) – When body and spirit or soul reunite. Because we have a spirit and body and they reunite to make a complete body.

Gabby (6) – You die and live again.

Kobe (8) – He turned into an angel. He didn’t die all the way.

Ian (9) – Resurrection is having your body and spirit be reunited.

Kamila (5) – I don’t know. Can you show me a picture?

James (3) – Bulldozer.

Kalani (8) – Resurrection is when people live again in heaven.

Jaxon (5) – Means they resurrect your body.

Kailie (11) – He was risen from the dead.

Paenoa (8) – When Jesus comes out of his tomb or his cave. You know what I mean.

William (5) – If a person has COVID-19, they will die in a few weeks and they go up to heaven, then they come down and they will live again.

Shelby (7) – Risen.

Rachel (8) – Resurrection is when our spirit and our body are together again.

Tyler (7) – WHen you come back to life in heaven.

Rory (4) – The help.

Tayj (7) – It’s when you come back alive.

Samuel (6) – When someone is dead, they can come back alive, like Jesus. He died for us and he came back alive.

Sydney (7) – Second coming when you come back to life.

Shailym (10) – When you come back from the dead.

Shen (10) – Being alive again.


By Bailey (10)


Why Did Jesus Live Again?

Nizana (5) – He wanted to see us.

Rachel (8) – So that we can live again. We are following in his footsteps. We can live again, too.

Sydney (7) – To show that we will live again, too.

Anela (5) – Jesus love us. So he can die so we can live.

Ana Julia (10) – The reason why Jesus lived again is because he rose from the dead.

Sophia (6) – So when we die, we get to live with him.

Chase (10) – So we could all return to heaven with him.

Kyla (11) – So we can. We won’t be in the world forever, so when he comes the second time, there will be 1,000 years of peace. He came down so he can help us with our faith.  Some people believe but they have doubts.  Why did he come then and not now?  So he can come teach us now.

Dezi (12) – Se we can live again.

Annie (9) – So we can do it again.

Samuel (6) – So then we could get taught what was true again.

Kailie (11) – So that we could live again.

Beau (8) – So he could make us live, I’m pretty sure.

Ian (9) – He was resurrected.

Shen (10) – He resurrected.

Alise (12) – He lived again so we could live again, too.

Amelia (10) – He lived again so that he could return to Heavenly Father and so that all of our sins could be forgiven.

Aubrey (4) – Because Santa lived. Santa and Jesus are the best. Yesterday, Santa was at church.

Kamila (5) – He lived again because he came alive on the third day.

Jaxon (5) – He had faith.

Adam (4) – He got resurrected. He helped us.

Zachary (4) – He died.

Kobe (8) – He can’t die or it will be a bad world.

Elisabeth (9) – Cause he was resurrected.

Resurrection by Matthew Washburn

By Matthew (7)

Paenoa (8) – Cause his second coming.

Kilikina (4) – Cause he’s Jesus.

James (3) – Cause he got scared.

Evie (9) – Cause he got resurrected.

Emmett (3) – Because the turtle wanted to walk on the side and live with Jesus.

Akilha (8) – Because if we didn’t have him, we wouldn’t have day or night.

Tyler (7) – Because he’s supposed to.

Shailym (10) – Because he was resurrected. And because he wanted to tell us that we will all be resurrected, good or bad, we will still be resurrected.

Dane (6) – Because he was resurrected.

Rory (4) – Because he wanted to die for us and then he was under something and then he came back alive.

Kalani (8) – Because he resurrected.

WIlliam (8) – Because he resurrected.

McKean (8) – Because he prayed in the garden.

Addy (7) – Because he is the Son of God and he is doing a very good thing.

Lila (8) – Because he is the Son of God and because he loves us and it was a sign that we can all do it, too.

Eva (5) – Because he had the power of Heavenly Father and he was our savior and so he died for us so that we will be resurrected, too.

Gabby (6) – Because he had extra power and he loved us.

Tayj (7) – Because he got resurrected.

Ava (8) – Because he came to life in 3 days and showed other people.

Bratcher (5) – Because he could and he’s a great man.

Emilia (5) – Because he got resurrected.

Joshua (5) – Because Heavenly Father gave power.

Lynlee (9) – So that we could be resurrected and so that we could have a perfect body just like him.

Matthew (7) -So that we can be resurrected.

Kate (10) – He lived again to make it possible so we could live again.

Shelby (7) – To heal more people.

Ethan (7) – So we can see Him again.

Keahu (6) – Because he had faith.

Ka’ihi (10) –Because he had to be resurrected so that we could all be resurrected and then they would believe they would be resurrected.

Hina (4) – So he could live forever and help.

Jesus and Mary at the Empty Tomb by Kate (10)

Jesus and Mary at the Empty Tomb by Kate (10)

The children described the resurrection of Jesus so simple and beautifully.  And they know why Jesus needed to live again.  Some of the way they phrased their answers inspired me to expand the way I see the resurrection in different ways.  I love how all of our testimonies grow line upon line.  I’m grateful to the children for sharing theirs.

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