For behold, I am God; and I am a God of miracles; and I will show unto the world that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and I work not among the children of men save it be according to their faith.


When our faith and desires for healing align with the Lord’s plan and will for our lives, miracles occur!


I’ve known Ella Glover for decades. She dedicates her life to serving others professionally and personally. She’s the Relief Society president of our new ward in Lubbock. Anthony and I have prayerfully watched her journey since hearing she contracted COVID several months ago.


Her COVID battle just ended. Ella shared her story with the Relief Society sisters recently and agreed to let me share her story (in her own words, which I have italicized below) more broadly to testify that we serve a God of miracles who knows us and loves us as individuals and as a collective humanity. Miracles are available in every form — healing is one, comfort when grieving a loved one’s loss is another.


What miracles do you see in your life? What miracle would you like to see? I invite you to search for the thing or trait or blessing you need most today and ask the Lord to give you a miracle for what you need most.


Ella Glover’s Miraculous COVID Healing


Ella Glover covid

Ella Glover

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and for your concern for me as I battled for my life after I was diagnosed with COVID–19. I wanted to share my rather miraculous story with you. The Lord does perform miracles; I am living proof. Here are my past three months in a nutshell.


On August 20, 2020, I was diagnosed with COVID-19. My doctor called me in a Z-Pak and told me to quarantine myself for 10 days. He also said, “If you can’t breathe, call 911.”


I had another appointment to see my doctor on September 1 (11 days after the positive test). I got up that morning and drove to see my doctor, but I did feel as if I were short of breath. The doctor tested me and saw that my oxygen level was very low. I was immediately taken by ambulance to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. Within 24 hours, I was moved into the COVID ICU.


Receiving A Blessing In COVID ICU


During my stay, I was put on four different breathing machines. After several tests, the doctors realized that I had no antibodies against COVID. I also have underlying health problems that could complicate things. The major one is leukemia, which I have had for 17 years, fortunately with no issues. However, because of the leukemia, my body did not make antibodies. To solve that problem, I was given plasma with someone else’s antibodies, but it would take several days before the antibodies would start to work.


I texted my son and asked if someone could come and give me a blessing. I know that there are members of the Church working at Covenant Hospital, and since I was on a strict “No Visitors” floor, I thought perhaps a priesthood holder who worked at the hospital could come.


Imagine my surprise when, within a few hours, into my room walks my son, the charming firefighter, in uniform. He looked so worried and nervous, but he gave me a beautiful blessing. He said that I would have a complete recovery and that the doctors would be “astonished” with my progress. After he left, I wrote down the few things that I could remember that he had said.


For the next 14 days, I hung on to this blessing as I tried to do everything the doctors told me to do. I would cling to every text and word of encouragement that I received. I felt my Savior at my side and I felt every prayer that was said on my behalf. 


Finally, after 18 days in the ICU, I was able to go home. I had to take home oxygen with me. I was on it 24/7 and was instructed to wean myself off it.


Thirty-Day Checkup


Ella Glover on Oxygen after covid

Ella the day she got home from the hospital

Thirty days after coming home, I had a follow-up appointment with my lung doctor. I just knew he would be happy with the fact that my oxygen was down to 2.5%, I was doing my physical therapy and I was feeling so good.


Well, it turned out that he was not happy. We looked at my X-rays and he gave me a diagnosis: I would be on oxygen for 6 months to a year and the damage and scar tissue I had was going to be a lifelong problem.


I was very sad. He decided to put me on another round of high dose steroids for a month and told me to come back in two weeks. Again, I was not happy, but I do listen to doctors.

“My Savior Loves Me and He Knows My Name”


A few days before the two-week appointment, I was able to go most of the day without oxygen. The closer it came to the appointment, the longer I could go without oxygen — it was working.


Ella Glover

Happy to be home

The morning of the appointment, I was hopeful that he was going to tell me something good. They did a chest X-ray, and within a few minutes, he walked into the room. His first words were, “You’re healed. Your oxygen level is perfect and your lungs are clear.”


I said, “What about the scar tissue?”


He replied, “It’s all gone. I am astonished.”


He actually said it twice. We talked for about 20 minutes as he told me about the previous day. He had hospital duty and five of his patients died.


He said, “We are at a loss on how to help COVID patients, so we just throw everything we have at it and hope it works. You have received two miracles, Mrs. Glover. I am just astonished at your recovery.”


I replied, “My Savior loves me and He knows my name. I have had hundreds of people praying for me, and I know that I have a lot of work to still do on this earth.”

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