Full-time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often come to the homes of people who express interest in hearing their message and discussing their religious beliefs. They love to teach about Christ and His mission as the Savior of the world. And they will teach you about your own worth as a child of God, with infinite worth in His sight.


Once you have invited the missionaries into your home, they will want to talk to you about your faith and religious beliefs and they will share theirs as well. They will invite you to read scriptures from the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. They will invite you to pray with them, as a family and/or privately about your discussions with them. They will also invite you to read some passages of scripture between meetings.


How do I find missionaries?


There are a variety of ways you can invite the missionaries to come talk to your family. Here are five options available:


  1. Missionary MormonsIf you have a friend, family member or neighbor who is a member of the LDS Church, tell her you are interested in meeting the missionaries from her church.
  2. Go to the Meetinghouse Locator and enter your address. It will give you the address, directions, and meeting time of your local LDS congregation (Ward).  You will also find contact information for the Bishop of the Ward. Reach out and they will be happy to send someone your way.
  3. If you chance to meet a missionary for the Church, invite them into your home.
  4. Go to Mormon.org/missionaries. Fill out the form and someone will reach out to you.
  5. Contact one of the writers here at LDSBlogs. Or just make a comment on this post. We will be more than happy to help you connect with the missionaries in your area.


They are happy to visit


They will return to your home as many times as you desire to have them there. The entire purpose of full-time missionary work is to be out teaching others about the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When scheduling meetings with the missionaries, give them clear answers to your availability and they will work around your schedule. They will also come at the frequency you desire.


Simply be open about your needs when they visit your home. If I had a better understanding of full-time missionary work when the missionaries were teaching me about the church, I would have had them visit more often and at times that were more convenient for me.

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