The air is fresh, the sun is out, there’s a light breeze that’s just the right temperature.  Greens are greener. Pinks, yellows, and reds are brighter.  It must be spring again – a time when so many things take the chance to start over.  When I saw the following saying the other day it felt like a breath of spring to me, and it also reminded me of my Down syndrome son: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” (Zen Shin)


How true is this of people who have no inhibitions?  who feel no social pressure?  who just wake up each morning to a whole blank-slate of a day and begin anew?  


My Down syndrome son has no long-term goals.  He carries no baggage from yesterday.  Each and every moment is just born for itself.  


I mean, why wear a straw hat on top of your cowboy hat?  I don’t know.  


Joey and his double hat.


Why insist on drinking one glass of water and one glass of milk at the same time with two different straws?  No idea.


Drinking milk and water at the same time.


Why walk the bases backwards?  


Joey walking the bases backward.


Why be so proud of yourself simply for trying on funky sunglasses?  


Joey and some awesome sun glasses.


Why make a sculpture out of paper cups and straws and tape it to the floor?


Joey’s creative sculpture.


None of these things make any real sense to me at all.  They are just the brain flowers of my son.  


Is there often someone who’ll pause while shopping just to get in 8-10 seconds for a shave?  Not usually.



But a person who is free to express every thought and who is apparently pretty creative, is likely to do any of those things.  And this person will never look over their shoulder to see if anyone else approves. For this person, every morning is a springtime of the mind.  


Down Syndrome Days might be different but still sweet

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And to my great delight I never know what will grow out of it.


The sun comes up every morning, and we choose what to do with our hours.  Seems to me that despite disabilities or differences each individual on earth is equally as magnificent and intricate as is every flower or stem.  Equally as worthy of observation and regard.  


My springtime wish for you is that you will find a way today to blossom with the freedom that my Down syndrome son feels and enjoy your time making the world an imaginative and beautiful place!

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