Sun shining through the trees

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When I was a young man, English was not my strong point. Syntax, sentence structure, and language rules were a bit of a mystery...

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Grace isn't something that kicks in at the end of our effort, it is our energy throughout the trial.

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When I think of our need to help hasten the work of salvation, I don’t automatically think of being grateful. I don’t think of...

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“The miners were saved one by one” A Modern-day Example of How the Savior Redeems Mankind In August of 2010 all the world was shocked by...
beach in a storm- Psalms 30:5

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Patience is a virtue. I had to repeat that phrase to myself many times this past week. Challenges come in many ways to families....

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This morning I woke up to aching muscles with a strange sore feeling all over. Oddly, it brought a smile to my face. It seems like that work out last night went pretty well. I pushed myself and now I feel it.

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Follow a pattern? Just set an example and hope for the best? Make rules? Tudie talk about parents and what really works best.

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Steve and Joe are just brothers.  Neither of them know anything different.  The other day my son Stephen said he told a new acquaintance...

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Interruptions.  They are incessant.  And, if you are like me, it isn’t just your children or customers interrupting you.  It could be your friends,...

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Children's idea of home is a place of comfort and food and love. Although I will keep working towards order and improving our place, I’ve been reminded by my children about what matters most.

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