Reading the Old Testament Slowly

Every time I turn around I’m being invited to read a book of scripture on a schedule–usually a fast read. I zip through them and that has value, but it has a different kind of value than reading slowly. When I read on someone else’s schedule, I find myself keeping an eye on how many verses I’ve read and stopping when the chart says to stop. This year I decided to read the Old Testament as slowly as possible.

Family Movie Night: Ernest And Celestine

There are few people who are bigger Walt Disney fans than I am. I love their films but I also enjoy stepping outside the box and discovering smaller, more quirky animated movies. A lot of times these small budget animated films can take risks a big studio with a massive budget cant. One delightful example is 2013’s Academy Award nominated Ernest and Celestine.

Adjusting Your Flight Pattern

“The more we treasure the words of the prophets and apply them, the better we will recognize when we are drifting off course—even if only by a matter of a few degrees.”

From Earth’s Bounty: Cherries

The month of July makes me yearn for home. Not because the weather is any more pleasant during July in Michigan than it is here in Pennsylvania, but because it is cherry season!

Making Mistakes

We can all make a pretty good list of our bad habits. For the most part, we can easily rid ourselves of those bad habits and not have it be a part of our lives if we choose to. But what about those habits that seem to be more difficult to overcome? For example- Talking poorly about yourself? I know that’s got to be on everyone’s list in one version or another.

Funniest Thing

When my children were little we had a goal to have regular outings with just the older two.  To let the focus be on them, we would leave our Down syndrome son with a sitter.  On one of the earliest of these they spent the whole time seemingly at each other’s throats.  Their arguing and bickering sapped my enthusiasm for organizing such events.  Nevertheless, we still tried to make an attempt once in a while.

Christ Will Heal You

I am not a psychiatrist. My training didn’t come in the form of psychology, treating emotional disorders or learning to deal with and overcome mental health challenges. But my education arose to my surprise by experience, seeming hopelessness, and anguish as a struggling parent. In the shadows of despair, fear, and psychological hardship, I felt alone, witnessed suffocating gloom, and learned empathy.

Autism Gives You Super Powers

I’ve been on an adventure in Autism land for 6 months now. Well, 7 years really. But the last 6 months we have known what path we’ve been traveling.  And I have to say I’ve learned some surprising things. I’d like to start today by debunking some Autism myths.

Family Movie Night: A Goofy Movie

There aren’t that many movies about a father and a son working on their relationship. Finding Nemo is really the only one for a kid I can think of outside of today’s pick and that’s a real shame. Boys need stories that teach them about their Dads and help them to understand their perspective. (Granted most animated films the leads are orphans but still!). Anyway, it is it’s this father son dynamic that perhaps make The Goofy Movie such a special film in the Disney catalog of films.

Some Re-Wiring Required

The neuro-plasticity of our minds is amazing! We literally change the physiological make-up of our brains every time we make a decision about anything.

Growing Old, a Perspective

This is one of those posts for those who are either noticing they are growing older, or they are dealing with those who have grown older. Aging carries with it a certain amount of jitters. We have all been born. We have all been young. We have all experienced a certain amount of aging. But growing old is a new experience for all of us, and until it has happened to us, none of us really knows what to expect.

Family Movie Night: Matilda

Roald Dahl’s novels are beloved by children across the world but they present a lot of challenges when being adapted to the big screen. It’s one thing to read his darker sensibilities but another to see them and make it still palatable for little children. The best adaptation is probably the Gene Wilder classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory based on Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I also love the movie version of The Witches. This week we had the release of a new adaptation of his book The BFG, which is about a little girl who meets a big friendly giant. So, I thought it would be fun to look at his other well regarded film about a little girl 1996’s Matilda.

It takes a Family

VACATION!  I love vacation!  Stepping away from the demands of life to just enjoy being together as a family!

Consequences as Obvious as Orange Hands

While visiting Luxor, Egypt, our Airbnb host, Ghamoury, invited my sister Destinee and I to a wedding party. We excitedly accepted the unexpected cultural opportunity. He drove us down a narrow dirt road parallel to a canal fed by the Nile River. We arrived after the party was in full swing. Ghamoury parked precariously next to the canal in the only space still available. He led us through the crowd of neighbors and found a spot to sit.

Success Without a Dream

Lost in a sea of consuming interests, I’ve had great difficulty selecting a dream.  If success depends on deciding on a dream, then taking that dream down into goals and the goals step by step into reality, then I am doomed because I can’t choose just one.  I wondered if success is  impossible for a person with dreams deadlocked in competition.  

YOU are His Hands

Springtime is often full of wonderful occasions with loved ones. I was thinking about those traveling to family gatherings and hoping all arrive safely. As I was considering these circumstances and the people involved, I got to thinking how fortunate I am to have my family today. They are my best friends in the entire world. I was reading a blog post from my daughter where she was articulating the things for which she is grateful, and I could see so much goodness in her. I wanted to write to her and tell her how pleased I am with her choices and how great it is to be her father.

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