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How did the innkeeper who sent Mary and Joseph to have their baby in a stable feel when he realized who that baby was?
There is a season for every time

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Discover what your season in life is right now and get everything from it you can.

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There is no greater goal than to be an eternal family. What is heaven, if it is not the family unit? When you think of heaven, do you think of being there alone? I don’t. I can’t even picture it in my head.

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Our nativity sets get arranged and rearranged by our son’s awkward hands many times over the holiday, but every time they end up with the focus of all the characters on the baby Jesus. Every time I see a new arrangement it reminds me that I should do the same.”

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Overviews of five stories associated with Christmas (not all of them are set at Christmas or even mention Christ) in which one or more of the characters, miraculously or not, finds “light in a dark place”—a shining star, a blessed rebirth.

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Take a break from focusing on the children this Christmas and think about Mr. Claus. Britt demonstrates why her wonderful husband is such an amazing Mr. Claus each year.

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The story behind Handel's Messiah

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Agency has a power in and of itself that can overcome the worst addictive behavior possible.
yarn art

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If your wife is warning you to do something with all that yarn, try Brandon's humorous suggestions for homemade beards, dinosaurs, and monsters. The Internet's funniest homemade craft master continues his series on upcycling.
Jesus in Gethsemane

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By eternal law, God can only carry out justice. He relied on Jesus Christ to bring the mercy into our lives, and this is one reason we celebrate His birth so fervently.

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