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Since the sequencing of the human genome was completed, scientists and others have explored what this new tool could be used for -- genetic genealogy!

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When it seems like God has a plan, check with Him before your faith begins to make sure you have it all right.
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One of the sad facts of life is that if you wear a piece of clothing long enough, it will fall apart on you....

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Petra began having so much fun she forgot to pay attention to the mess she was making of her life. A parable to help adults and teens learn to keep or return their lives to the way God wants it to work.

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A discussion of miracles is a discussion of sacred events of a divine nature that are not able to be reproduced by man. My...

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Every ladder has two vertical planks and several horizontal rungs. In our story, the two planks are long enough to reach down into the deepest cavern of the pit. They are sturdy enough to hold the weight of all mankind.

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There are some days of the week which are challenging. There are other days we are stretched to our limit. The experience we call “living on earth” has its moments but it all seems better when we can take a break from our normal routine. Taking time to celebrate the Sabbath day is healing to the soul.

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We can spend our days making others happy, which in turn gives us great joy; or we can be like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street and rip people to shreds over the internet. Which one will you be?

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Thinking about whether or not to wait for intimacy? Britt explains why it's better to wait.

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If you want to intentionally strengthen your strengths, you have to know what they are. To find out mine, I got a small spiral notebook and labeled the left page--”Loved it” and on the right page facing it “Hated it.” Every evening or any time I noticed myself feeling especially emotional, I’d get the notebook out and record what triggered it.

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