Jesus in Gethsemane

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All broken things can be healed because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
It's impossible to believe the Book of Mormon and reject the Bible

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You've ended up with a Book of Mormon. You'd like to read it to see what it's really all about, but how do you go about it?
Jesus teaching

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The doctrine of Christ is truth, and when taught with the Holy Ghost it comes with power and conviction to the soul. Only the true doctrine will save us, so it is in Satan’s best interest to have so many counterfeits out there that it is almost impossible to tell which is the one that will actually save us.
Salt dough decorations

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Salt dough--it's not just for kids. Brandon's humorous and helpful instructions on making homemade ornaments...and using the leftovers to make a chess set. Where else will you learn how to make a salt dough chess set?
Jesus teaching

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What a blessing it is to recognize the spiritual angels whom God places at the crossroads of life, keeping us on track, helping us when we least expect it.
mormon family dinner

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We leaped right from Halloween to Christmas. Don't forget the power of Thanksgiving as a time to remember how we got where we are.
Mormon Couple

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This Thanksgiving, spend a little time being thankful for your spouse--and to God for choosing families as a way for us to live our lives on Earth.
Feeling Hope is a true gift.

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Ashley learns that dating doesn't have to be so stressful and that hope is a wonderful thing.

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Only by choosing our Heavenly Father’s loving plan of freedom, at-one-ment, and equality with Christ can we find “refuge from the storm and wrath.”
Young women laughing

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Although I had learned to love South Africa, I couldn’t imagine how they would proceed peacefully and successfully through such a huge transition, with such incredible expectations. How do you get people together who seem so very different? Lessons for our lives today.