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When children keep their eyes on eternal goals, it helps them navigate the challenges of mortality with courage and confidence. They know who they are and where they are going. If they feel unloved by the world, they know they are loved in Heaven.

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With careful planning, your home can become a sacred place.

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Origami teaches us there is wonder in the mundane. Instructions for making some popular origami figures.

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But just as the sea glass can be seen with a discerning eye, so too does the true nature of God and our relationship to him exist. The question remains—do you have the desire to reap the blessings by coming to this knowledge on your own?

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Nephi, in the Book of Mormon, left behind wealth to move to a strange new land and struggled to avoid being murdered by his own brothers. Despite all this, he said he was happy. How can we be happy in the midst of our trials?

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Learn how to make your marriage the safest place on earth during the hardest times.
Jesus Christ is the world's greatest champion of women

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If you are looking to find purpose in life, have you tried actively participating in Relief Society?
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How to recharge your education if the excitement of a new year has worn off.
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All of us have experiences when it seems we might not have the strength to keep going. Looking back now what would we say to our “self of the past” if we could?
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I wondered how many other little habits or debaucheries we hold on to when we really ought to rid ourselves of these vices and cleanse the inner vessel for good.