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Mormon leaders recently held a press conference to remind people that both the religious people and the homosexual groups need to allow each group to hold their own opinions--and to respect those opinions, whether or not they agree on them.

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I see also the face of our Savior beaming brightly as many are about His work. I see the faces of hundreds of people feeling peace and joy in their hearts as they are on an errand of angelic work. I see the hundreds more who were the recipients of this great cause. My heart is humbled as I see for a brief moment God's plan of angels in action.
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As we overcome our limitations, we no longer sweat the small stuff. We take life as it comes. That’s what Helen Keller tried to teach us.
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What is a typical homeschooling day like? A mother of a large homeschooling family shares the details of another ordinary day in their learning home.

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DarEll loved every moment of adopting a sibling group of three children under the age of three. However, she nearly forgot to stay DarEll in the process of becoming a mom. Here's what she learned about being both a mom and herself.

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What stories are you living now that your children will cling to the rest of their lives? Make choices today that you can live with tomorrow.

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Whenever I find myself in a whirlwind of emotional, mental, or physical turmoil, I sit myself down and ask myself: Am I doing the basics? Are my basics in place?
My grandfather

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How can you track down an ancestor's military history? Christine shows us how she found out more about her grandfather's time serving the country.

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Righteousness: It really isn’t a complicated choice, but one that can be devilishly tricky to make. Satan has gotten really good at masking evil and parading it as good. Learn what you need to know to stay out of Satan's path.

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Did you ever want a pet bird? Try making your own--much cheaper and easier to care for and the instructions for making this bird craft is so much more entertaining.

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