The Holy Ghost Can’t do it Alone

As members of the Lord’s church, sometimes we act as though we feel like just showing up to meetings on Sunday is fulfilling our obligations to God. When people start to talk about our need to participate in missionary work or temple work (same thing, just on different sides of the veil), we inwardly cringe because that will require that we step outside our comfort zone and get involved in someone else’s life, adding more stress to our already stressful lives.

I’ve Changed

There are moments when you realize you’ve become a different person.  I had a couple of them today.  We are away from home on a company-sponsored retreat.  It was harder than usual this year to come.  My seven year old son was heartbroken the night before we left, crying like his heart would stop the moment I wasn’t there.  It was so bad that my sweet husband gave him a father’s blessing.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a father’s blessing is a Priesthood blessing from a father to a child. It’s comforting and offers guidance and answers from the Lord.

Be Still and Know That I am God

I wish I was one of those people who seem to take life calmly, accepting with a minimum of stress the curve balls that life throws at them. But I am not a patient person by nature, and it seems the more that I try to restrain myself, bottling up my emotions so that I remain calm on the surface, the more likely I am to really explode when I hit my limit.

Stop and Listen: The power of Prayer and Revelation

I have been struggling with yelling lately. It seems that certain times of the month I am worse than others and its during those times I find it extremely difficult to control myself. I have poured over articles on-line about how to “Stop yelling”, and have been quite successful at finding very good ideas! Unfortunately, I have not been as successful in actually practicing what I’ve been reading. We have tried many things in an effort to calm the inner beast.  First we made it a family rule, (which I am usually the first to break). We have tried code words. I have put up reminders and yet I still manage to fail.


We are eternal creatures. We have always existed, and we always will. Living with our heavenly parents, who are the ultimate in the definition of steadfast and accountable, I imagine there was a lot we could count on staying the same in our home before mortality.

Family Movie Night: Iron Man

Because it is constantly evolving in front of us I don’t know if most moviegoers appreciate what Marvel has done with their movies in the last 8 years. I mean how often is the very concept of cinema reinvented?  That’s essentially what Marvel did with their cinematic universe. Now everyone is trying to jump on that train but nobody has been able to do it 1/10th as well as Marvel with the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU for short). Recently I have watched all of the Marvel movies in both phase 1 and 2 and in my opinion they haven’t made a horrible film. Sure there are ups and downs (4 I only gave 2 stars to) but they are all watchable to one degree or another.

Don’t Judge so Fast

A few summers back, a tattooed, young woman with multiple face piercings stood in line at a fabric store, waiting to get her fabric cut. As she waited, a mother with a young child cut in line in front of her, arms full of red, white, and blue fabric. While giving the tattooed woman a pointedly nasty look, this woman said to her child, “SOME people are not real patriots.”

Mind, Body, and Spirit

**Disclaimer** While the word of wisdom gives us basic guidelines for health, it leaves the interpretation of those guideline up to the individual members. This blog is not intended to replace your medical professional or the divine revelation of the Word of Wisdom, but rather it is practical knowledge that I have accumulated over the years in my own pursuit of a healthier lifestyle which I am passing along in the hopes that it will benefit others.**


“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think, say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill.  It will make or break a company… a church… a home.  

The Pattern of the First Vision

The account of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, found in the Joseph Smith History included at the back of any Triple Combination worth it’s salt has a wealth of information for the avid scriptorian. We can discover so much about the boy prophet, our relationship with God the Father and His son Jesus Christ, as well as the reasons Joseph Smith was asked to restore Christ’s true church on the earth. But is there a pattern hidden within this revelation that can help us with our own “first vision” today?

Principles of Prayer

Richard G. Scott gave a wonderful talk about the principles of prayer in General Conference. I’m not quite sure how I missed it or what I was doing at the time, but almost three decades later I stumbled across his talk and it now speaks to me. Hopefully my efforts will help his talk speak to you as well.

Family Movie Night: The Princess Bride

The funny thing about The Princess Bride is I feel like I have seen it a lot recently but when I actually sat down to watch it for this review I realized it had been many years. It’s just such a popular film and so often quoted that it kind of has a life of its own. I used to joke we should make the script another book of scripture it is so often quoted among my fellow Mormons. So is it worthy of the praise? Does it hold up? In my opinion it totally does and is worthy of all the hype it gets.

Time Passes

There’s a song titled “Time” by Chantal Kreviazuk that is one of my favorites. It’s so well written and really speaks about the importance of time. I love the message and I suggest you all to give it a listen when you can.

Mother’s Day Challenge: A Positive Self-Esteem

Motherhood is best done with a spouse but if that has not been an option then we do the best we can as a single mother. Single mothers face more challenges than sometimes we can bear but one that is particularly difficult is keeping a positive self-esteem. Many times when we are alone, our self-esteem suffers because we are so hard on ourselves.

Going to Disneyland

This past week our family had the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyland!! Baby Girl will be 5 years old in June and for us, turning 5 is a big thing to celebrate, so we celebrated in a special way. We decided going now would be a lot better than fighting the crowds in the middle of the summer, and we are so glad we did! We had an amazing time!!! Yes, there were lines, but not nearly as bad as we thought. It was the perfect time to go! We rode rides, watched shows, met Elsa, Anna, Mickey, Minnie, and watched the spectacular fireworks shooting behind the famous Sleeping Beauty castle. It was breathtaking.

In Tune with the Spirit

Though my melodic inclinations are limited, I live among many who are gifted musicians and adeptly familiar with song and musical scores and the importance of being in tune. Harmony brings great joy and peace into our home and calms difficult storms that inevitably come into our lives.

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