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It is with other people that I most notice my lack of vision. We talk with someone for five minutes and we think we know. Or we just see someone and their clothes and hair and we think we know.
Mormon Emergency Kit

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Emergency preparedness isn't about being ready for the end of the world. Nearly everyone will have a time when they need to be ready--a flood, a snowstorm, unemployment or illness.
armour of God

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Our most valuable defense against the adversary, confusion, doubt, and fear is the whole armor of God.

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Although Halloween began as a pagan holiday, the Catholics placed a Christian celebration on the date. Do Mormons celebrate Halloween?
historic family photo

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How to involve your family in your family history research.

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Sometimes, even when we have done all we can do to shield our family, we find there are unseen snakes preying on our loved ones. In today’s world we need to be ever vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm.
baking items

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Cooking can be simple--and entertaining. Join Brandon in the kitchen.
Endurance brings the potential for great rewards and joy

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Enduring to the end has the potential to bring great joy. Learn how to appreciate God's decision to ask it of us.

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While there are many good religious leaders in the world today, many of them differ with each other in the doctrine of the gospel. Many have decided that their voice, not the voice of a living prophet, is the voice of authority. But why would God alter his given pattern in the modern day by having differing voices to believe?

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Family Home Evening, although a Mormon tradition, can be used to let parents of any faith share their values with their children.