Showing love and appreciation to a spouse

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Throughout the years, your holiday traditions will change. Make them matter.
Can you find a great guy on a mini golf date?

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Taking a tip from her time as a missionary, Ashley tries accepting referrals on who to date. Step three in her quest to find a great LDS guy.
Ordinary people can do amazing things

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As Britt's brother struggles in a hospital room to stay alive, she shares the powerful memory of how he, as a young teenager, began teaching her what Mormon priesthood really is when he baptized her.
girl in wheelchair baking with mother

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It’s our perspective that determines what we see and how that choice benefits and strengthens us and those we hold most dear.

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God draws on the faith of everyone involved when He plans a miracle for someone’s life. Choose to be a part of that miracle. Grow your faith.
pizza with toppings

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Just learning to cook? Get a guy's easy-going instructions on how to make cheese balls, pot pie, and pizza that will awe your friends.

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Anger is an agency-violating sin because we cannot experience anger without judgment or selfish thoughts and desires.
We forget that those who die are connected to souls that are magnificent.

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we mourn the loss of our loved ones. We grieve over broken bodies and we forget that they are connected to a Soul that is Magnificent. A soul that shouldn't be held back.
Mormon Prophet Thomas S. Monson

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Do you ever wonder why God won't speak to us in these confusing days? He does!
Mormon Temple Mount Timpanogos Utah

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Many different religions have many different symbols and clothing requirements which help devote themselves to God, as do Mormons.