Creation brings deep satsifaction

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Drawing living things makes us very sensitive to our errors, but as we work and diligently observe, we can progress beyond our past mistakes.
The atonement didn't cancel the commandments.

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Jesus said that if we love Him, we must keep the commandments. Why God's rules matter.

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We often times go through periods of trial that seem like a night of never-ending darkness, only to find our Heavenly Father had been watching over us the entire time.
large family

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Large families are fun and time consuming, but very much worth the life spent together.
Devil's Kitchen waterfall

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A trip into the wilderness together can revitalize your marriage.
faith builds on the past

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Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us.
teenagers studying

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Our teens made interesting and unexpected decisions about whether or not to homeschool high school and when to start college.
Mormon teens studying together

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Imagine a classroom where the teachers mentored, rather than taught. Mormons are doing that to teach religion to their teens--and the public schools could learn from their program.
Man praying

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Do we just suffer in our trials and try to outlast the suffering or do we turn to the Lord and turn our prisons into prison-temples?
Music can make a memory

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Music has power. It will motivate, uplift and encourage. Or it can depress, anger, and poison your mind.