It has been a tough year. My opinion is that it’s been more difficult not being able to attend church regularly than I ever expected!


I thought I would love not having to get ready for church meetings. I admit that holding sacrament meeting at home has been interesting. I enjoy holding the priesthood so I can bless and administer the sacrament for my family. Our musical qualities have a lot to be desired. My wife and I don’t play the piano, but we could always listen to the hymns with our phones. Our children play the piano, but they are in their own homes now. We have had the privilege of attending church meetings with them and their families in their homes. It has been a great experience. On occasion we still have children with us. The grandkids come to visit on occasion as well. These are special Sundays for all of us on.



Talk about special Sundays — we all have them. I have been in the Church my entire life. I can’t say that I am surprised with the recent changes in the Church and around the world. These modifications are needed and have reason, and I believe that they are ushering in the Second Coming. I hope so.


The pure love of Jesus Christ sustains and lifts us from the challenges of our day.


I remember going to church before the 3-hour block. And now we will all tell the story of attending church with face masks — but this is not the end, not yet.


We have peace despite the chaos in the world.


If you think this article is about sports or war, I can’t blame you. But the real message is that we can have peace in Christ and are all in this together. Our success is assured, if we simply endure to the end.


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We are at war figuratively, especially in light of the coronavirus outbreak that seems to influence everything we do or don’t do right now. But we can’t forget the victory has already been determined, and none of this can frustrate God’s work.


I almost send this article to our editor numerous times, but the Lord was not finished with it yet. And He is not finished with any of us yet, either.


Incredibly, this apparent hardship too will promote His work and glory as well. His timeline is not ours.


Just watch. “Prove me now herewith” is the way that He put it.


Better yet, become deeply involved in the work — it will improve your life today just as it has for so many others.


Just watch.


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